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A good mindset to have more money

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2 days ago

Did you ever think to have unlimited income? Did you ever think that someday the time will come that you don't need to work but still you are earning money? Well if that's what you are thinking, let's talk about mental tricks to have more money.

Some people say that what we think will come true. We have what we call positive thinking, we also say "always think positive" if we always think positive, good things will happen to us, and I will believe in that because what you think is who will you become, right?. Ask yourself, what are you always thinking?is it always good or bad? positive or negative? hopefully, we always think positively.

Here are some mental tricks to have more money that I always keep in mind:

1.)I ALWAYS THINK THAT I AM STARTING. Remember the time that we are starting? we are hungry for success, right?yes that's what is my mind telling me, I'm willing to do whatever it takes, I have no issue with work, any kind of work?no problem, I can take it without any doubt, as long as it gives me money, I'm always in. If you have the tenacity, there is nothing to stop you, you are always finding earning opportunity and I was just like that. Don't ever think that you already succeed if you only have just enough money to sustain your needs, always think that it's just the beginning of your journey, the moment that you said you are ripe, what will be the next? you would be rotten, right? that's why when I am just starting, even if I had a small achievement I always think that I am just starting.

2.)I ALWAYS THINK THAT I DO NOT HAVE MONEY. I always think that I know how to trick myself. The problem of other people about having money is when they see or they know they have a lot of money, they have savings, they get complacent, they stay at what we call the comfort zone. Don't ever think you have money, you keep your self hungry and you trick your mind that you have no money.

3.)I ALWAYS THINK THAT SAVING MONEY IS A TOP PRIORITY. Yes, that's the good thing, for me, savings is important before spending, I save before I spend, I cannot spend before I save. In other words, salary, saving, spending. You know what?, the truth is earning money is a sign that you are doing well in life, but it's not that, the important is not how much money you make, the important is how much money you keep or you save, right? The real importance here is how much you save.

4.)I ALWAYS THINK THAT OPPORTUNITY IS A GAME. For me, to create a business, to create ideas, play for it, find pleasure in it, and find enjoyment. I am a very competitive person, I hate losing, I want to win, I have a competitive mindset. Always aim to succeed and win in life. We want always to win. It's not about the money, it's you that desire to win, the desire that you can make it. the desire that you have what it takes for you to become successful.

5.)I ALWAYS THINK THAT MONEY IS A RESULT OF SOLVING PROBLEMS. You know what? for me, if you want to become rich and to have more money, find a problem and offer a solution, the bigger the problem, the bigger the solution, the bigger the income, that's right! You solve a big problem to make an income. Don't avoid the problem, find a solution.

6.)I ALWAYS THINK THAT SETTING UP A BUSINESS IS A MINISTRY. Why ministry? It's all about helping a specific group of people that have needs, problems and that is the desire I have. I want to help people. Do you love to help people? then try to put up a business to help other people who are in need.

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Written by   119
2 days ago
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