Solarpunk: mind reshaping through the utilitarian art

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I am not that good ayatollah of the light, optimistic envisioning and solarpunk, but that anarchic idea can be in a way conveyed though the incorporated art and applied integrated technology.

But, it all comes down to the mind reshaping, how do you use all that to an advantage. In huge part this future will be possible imminently if we do reshape how we render priorities.

Those are the simplest things.

I said in the previous article about the art, that art is only pretty and that I will not pay million dollars for a picture and this is true, but I also said that w/o beauty we hardly can define ourselves.

It is true, and in the Solarpunk, beauty is integral part, it doesn't make life worth living, it is the life.

"Pretty" as we know it, is not about perceiving or wishing an object, it is a definition what we are.

If it is self-serving art, and if it doesn't influence some faucet of either my spiritual dimension or my physical existence, I can't find it very useful for me.

My opinion about the art and beauty is basically in level with a conform and luxury. So, I have this thinking that when we acquire enough of important things to be safe, healthy and fed, we can accommodate our existence w/ luxury.

Of course this is in majority the other way around, especially w/ the middle class, who tend to believe that life consists of a constant need to satiate hunger for luxury.

But the people do not think it is a luxury, because everyone has that and everybody lives under the same assumption of a norm. And the whole sale imperative is based on that premise.

I don't have a high opinion about the beauty from that perspective, so when I say that I find something damn ugly that would be second level of irrelevancy because my basic premise is a disciplinary fundamentalism.

It is a strict mandate, it is like saying I hate eggs, and then you try to tell me eggs are so good... c'mon.

Society invented this assumption of a norm to create a new market of selling us the same aimless premise.

So, a picture or a statue, or whatever design can be pretty, can be attractive to us, but that is it. It can be only a bait.

Buy me, I'm special, I'll make you feel accomplished.

And it is different for everyone. AI can make you a pretty thing, no fuss.

GAN face creation + Deep Dream Neural Network Generated Portrait

Thinking that pretty shapes and that the illusionary meanings pliable to every whim and change, are relevant, is naive. It is individual experience, that gives value to an individual, but to a grand scale of things it is meaningless.

Blueprint to an idea is closer to the point of efficiency, but simply the arrangement doesn't do it. Even if we had an object without a clue to the utilization it is just a piece of garbage.

You just assume.

And the truth is that anything in art can be accepted in the form of some creepy stuff.

For me, in general, the "pretty" is an idea conveying construct, that does not necessarily need to be physical, it can be something completely nondescript - it is not a visually inducing dopamine confirmation.

What others, for example, think as being beautiful, I call comfortable.

For example, there are those fluffy pillows, I don't think they are beautiful, still others describe them like that, so I have to do it too otherwise I will get into the constant misunderstandings. I call them comfortable. Sum it down to a basic premise. What does it do to you? It is comfortable.

I want this so much!!!! I am making one!!!!

I also have aversion to people giving human qualities to objects or animals. I don't share their indoctrinated knack that atoning other species is somehow special. I find it dangerous.

Can anybody freaking tell me what happened up here?

I also like RGB yellow and lemon yellow colors, I would put it everywhere. Do you know those yellow stickers for note taking? Yes, that thing is so nasty! The frequency of yellow color while looking it in depth is so translucent and it looks like a mid-air explosion, that it de facto causes a visual impediment to some people. I plastered them everywhere.

The fact that yellow color is assembled inside our mind and do not exist in the tech specs of our visual organ or eye cones anywhere before it hits our cortex makes it even more magical.

It is a real magic that your brain is doing itself, and this clearly "imaginary" color makes me really happy, because I am doing that, I am painting that radiance inside my mind. My eyes do not have yellow cones.

For me a yellow color is a radiance of energy. I love to "watch" it - in fact we do not "watch" yellow, we "manufacture" it.

It is hard to believe that what you see up there is not really "real".

It is almost like a nuclear charger for me. Same

like the mirrors, what they do with reflections, and how they create that false narrative from the false reality we exist within.

False because the scientist DID prove it is, we are just compatible to this level of frequency so it is very real to us.

"How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun." -Vincent Van Gogh

He was nuts by the way. Green fairy and so on. Fruit cake had too much sauce and cut his freaking ear off.

So, in case you are Van Gogh and yellow gives you fit of crazy, stay the fuck away from the Gauguin 'cause that one has more yellow than a basket of M&Ms., he will synthesize you into the coffin...

Le Peintre de Tournesols

Same with the gray-blue and blue shades. I find them relaxing, refreshing and calm. Others find it sad, depressive and cold.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so there are people who consider even creepy to be pretty.

I don't think that a faux fur silicon cast of an arachnid from the Starship Trooper is horrible, I think it is beautiful (a masterpiece if has a mechanical leg) and any other barely normal person would "cast" themselves thought the freaking window when seeing that.

I think that realistic painting is super boring because any camera can pair up and make better version, of anything a painter can.

And yet both are the art forms.

I can take a million unique pictures w/ my smartphone and make them incredible eye pleasing with a few filters. Anyone can do that.

Yeah, but not everybody can be an artist.

While my peer who was in technicalities much better performing than me, called a very good draftsman or painter, they called me an artist. It took me while to understand what is the difference.

But that is not art or beautiful for me.

It is not even a feeling that will give me, that Starship Arachnids in a movie are a hostile species, they give me creeps, BUT! - "pretty" for me has to convey an idea.

Just being eye pleasing is not enough. "Pretty" has to be cool.

And yeah, arachnids from Starship Troopers convey an idea - they are aliens with incredible survival capability - in fact those are made up aliens based on insects we know today, so they are only aliens in a movie, they are actually very much on the Earth with us.

Imagine having that sort of body specs and a human intellectual capability. Wowza!

Ok, you will be ugly as fuck, but you get what I mean.

I also got asked, why do I shit so much about that futuristic designed Cybertruck and why I am constantly saying how damn ugly it is while I opt out from visual qualities all together.

It has nothing to visual quality. I am so deep into the SF and futuristic tech (I am obsessed) they will need to surgically remove me from NASA's colon (for example)... and that thing looks like a freaking UFO on wheals, so I should love it!

Well, there is a problem. That is not an UFO , that is a fucking car. And I think that shape of it is trying to make a special thing of non-special thing.

Buy me, I'm special, I'll make you feel accomplished.

That piece of metal iron sheet bedding looks barren both of promises and ideas. So, how about big fat fucking no.

If something looks like a UFO, should be one. It's like making a beautiful dream into a horrible lie. It is like me eating rice and my subconscious somehow expecting some sort of exotic sea shell snack, even if I see what it is - something is just off and until my brain figures out what, my lunch is ruined. It is just texture-less granulated carb nugget...

In the long run I think that the Solarpunk future as described is probably post-apocalyptic, but not necessary in things, more like in ideas. Ideas as we have to day are different from 30 years ago, and they are rapidly changing.

Nobody can say in absolute certainty how will we perceive the world around us, what will be the priority of the future generations and how will they define what is pretty, beautiful, cool or completely useless.

Society as we have it today might be an absolute relict in 50 years or so.

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