Shitty service, ID scam and fraudulent website alert: Exrates.Me

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ExratesMe deceived me into ID verification in order to change my email without which I can’t move funds.

I have full access to my account otherwise, my IP is unchanged and I am using the exact same machine that I used every time I logged in - still that somehow doesn't verify it is me who is an owner of an account. They asked for ID verification and then held me pending forever.

So everything I have there stuck there - the whole riches of 15 bucks to be precise.

I guess they fucking need cash infusion desperately if they latched on that.

My email was left jammed after my laptop crashed in the middle of a password change and I lost verification to Protonmail, which sucks of course, especially because my pass is a mile long - it is HASHED.

Unlike other services that changed my email no problemo, the ExratesMe fleeced me for ID & then dropped out.

I waited for a little eternity for them to reply, then I tried to contact them again, because obviously something was not right. Then again silence.

After multiple emails they replied that they can’t change my email while my ID is still undoubtedly available to their staff.

The whole ordeal lasted a month.

My ID is not an issue here, I have stuff verified with documents, full Monty and beyond, I am no celebrity, I have no cash anybody can steal and proclaimed themselves rich, in fact I am sorry for a petty soul who thinks it is a gain what I have, to be honest you can't steal a pair of decent socks off my cold carcass in case I fucking die.

It's dishonesty and lying which I hate about all those shitty services, wallets, exchanges, whatever , all that garbage with no value that sprouts like some mad genetically modified unwanted weed and then they be gone in half of a breath or less.

ExratesMe is if nothing else a shitty service with a lousy and slow customer support and absolutely useless and inadequate user verification. Don’t use them. If they ask ID verification claiming they will help you, don't send them your documents. I don't know why they need them but it is not for account verification.

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1 week ago
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