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The last websites' review that I made was in June 2019, so I think it is a time to make another refresh about the general nature of things.

I hope you will find something useful for your work online.

 Sharpay, tokenised social sharing widget, and  Presearch, paid search engine, are both OK and easy to use.

The first one goes on your blog and website, which I find very useful, and the second one sits in your browser, which is once gain great. They are both fun to use.

 Narrative- Minimum redemption is around $20, a pay per article is pretty high. But... it runs on NRVE which is a token of NEO, and it is currently listed on SWITCHEO and Bilaxy. In case you want to trade, you will need NEO wallet, one of these exchanges, and correct info what are the minimum sums...

 Creary - I was participating for a while, but a page is full of either stolen or copied content, there is little to no interaction, so I withdrew my funds.
For ones interested any media, written, visual, audio or artistic content is accepted.
For now you can trade CREA only on EXratesME exchange, minimum withdraw is 0.113 ETH.

Same thing on  Belacam - it runs on tips, and has a lot of crap content and coin-begging. It also has a referral program, staking rewards, airdrops and surveys. If you are interested you can take a look. BELA trades 0.00000033 BTC on Mercatox Exchange.

Bitcoin Cash webs ( Memocash, Yours, Honestcash) - The  Memocash is the only one which got my attention, the other two I didn't particularly like.
To post on Memocash you have tp [pay per status, rewards are tip-based and direct. No exchange needed, your wallet is yours to take whereever you want it.

 Steemit - I tried to do something, but even with all the toys and gadgets, my skills and invested time I completely lost the interest. First, max rewards with a few whales in a toll gave me at best ... a half of a cup of coffee. Second, I noticed things which I didn't like. Third, I don't like maggots with the mental problems. New Steem is all in for the envy and runs on bullshit, great for parasites, but a complete insanity otherwise. If I keep my stake there, I will reward Spanish community, mostly Venezuela and poor people.

 Whaleshares - people who were posting before last HF still are on a website, I dislike tips and I think Whaleshares is heading into a wall, but considering all crypto websites are pretty much the same earning-wise there is no much difference to me.

 Weku - This is an article dump zone, no wonder I am not attracted. I know they are young and as I heard, supportive, but I don't see much point keeping one more STEEM clone. Same as I don't see much future for the  Jamaa and  Bearshares. I will powerdown and transfer coins to other users.

 Golos seemed to split into two remotely similar websites, Golos.Io and Golos.Id. I have no idea what this is all about, but I will keep watching.
Personally I am more interested into Golos.Id.

 Smoke - the smoky eyes weed blockchain. I don't grow it, I don't use it. I guess there is nothing left to add here.

 Stish - Stable but low pay per article, but a page can be slow and it is of limited use. I got bored.

Publish0x - OK for blogging, will not make you a fortune, but it has a nice dashboard, simple to use and I find it easy to like. The high pay topics are crypto and blockchain, but I found a lot of high rewarded trash. Payout in DAI and BAT, so unlike other tokenized communities looks good. I am not sure if I am going to maintain my blog there, I need more time to decide.

Cent - I have no complains, this page was always friendly to me, a pay is in ETH, few ways to earn and an opportunity to get a feedback for the various topics.

The similar website that pays but in ETH tokens is Minds, but we can block unwanted people and delete our content as we please. It is a sort of a monetized Facebook with the communities.

 Trybe - is one of those websites that lost their magic for me. Articles have to be good and all pass the evaluation. Pay per article results in a lot of tokens, but there is a problem, I don't want to wait to see them worth all that nothing.
A pay in my case goes thought the Scatter, and the Scatter does not exchange TRYBE tokens into EOS, the same is with the Murmur. It does exchange KARMA, but you will need a lot and Karma App is kind of on a slow side.

 Uptrennd - 1UP melted from $0.01 to $0.001 in a very short time. I don't like how a page is done, and their so called expert staff lit knows nothing about anything, page rules don't get updated on time, payments are delayed or stopped w/o much explanation why or update on changes. Tokens are troublesome to exchange.

Swiftdemand- Andddd.... finally approved, after months of waiting. I have no idea why they needed to wait for so long besides my selfie being a complete horror... but that is kind of normal. Besides Swiftdemand as UBI I also have MannaBase and
UpLibra. The last one is a sort of a faucet so you can claim every hour.

The sports websites like  Scorum and  Sprtshub did not get any of my attention. I am interested in betting, so writing on these are not on my list.
If you are into sports Scorum is better and Sprtshub is still in construction.

 Hyperspace - discontinued. This came out of a blue sky... Instead of opening for more countries, they packed up and left.

 Peepeth - similar like the Memocash, but on ETH. Does not require you to pay to post like MC, but an each verification takes some patience.

 Betasapien - they had an upgrade, but I still don't see anything new on a website, besides a constant inflaw of spam, that is...

 WOWapp is a monetized messenger, and it is good only if you like to chat a lot, and personally I don't have that much of a free time at my disposal.

Keybase - it gives a monthly income, but before you use my link, you have to read their terms if you country is even eligible for it. Making an account/s on random or waiting for them to change the terms will give you nothing. Keybase was attacked so they narrowed down the terms.

The current list of acceptable countries is: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

These websites do not have any monetization, but can be used to share links. All and similar websites you can find on my blog.

List of alternative social media, paid crypto blogging and other websites

 Gab - a website for an opinionated communities, mostly political, has a little to no interest in crypto, but it is interesting to have. This is not all-goes network, but free-speech, have it in mind.

Twitter - is a catastrophe that keeps on rolling. Besides posting links and referral codes, you can use it for inquires and similar, but do not bother too much about it. Too many accounts were banned without any logical explanation, and a network runs mostly on robots, which makes it semi-useless.

With an addition of  Discord and Telegram you can use the Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook for the bounties and airdrops on the Gitcoin, Bounties Network or Bountyhub.

I think that LinkedIn, Quora and Stackoverflow are pretty much enough to keep a track of things and list of skills.

ETLGR Telegram mail and Pony.GG are so far the best mail solutions I came by.

ETLGR - invite for a bot is a Telegram delivery email where you can create multiple identities and use them for quick signups to avoid clutter in your main email account.

PONY.GG is no-distraction, one-per-day, non-instant messaging platform and mail delivery service. It will de-clutter your schedule for sure.

Fiverr is a nice way to quickly sell your skills and services, or easily resource a right person for a short gig. Payment is the PayPal and Payoneer.

ECwid Shop will look great on your own blog or websites, it can be a standalone, integrated in social websites like Facebook page, has integration with numerous payment processors, you get 10 products for free and there is a functional example shop on my blog.

You can also sell your files directly P2P using the ETH payments with the Enzypt. It requires no registration, free, anonymous, no fees.

Now you want to go to eBay to buy something, but you will need to top up the Paypal. If you have small demands, you can use Virily. I have 3 year membership there and it pays every month as long as you have $10 ( for Paypal, for Payoneer it is $100) in a wallet. Participation is simple, you don't need to be a skillful writer and points are easy to earn.

I keep my things on Github, but you can easily use any other place to create either a blog or repository. One suggestion is a Gitlab. I like it because it is flexible, and I can resource scripts I need for free.

Faucets, exchanges and other things:

The Crypto FaucetCoins4ClicksiFaucet and the Faucethub are the same with one change.

FaucetHub will be discontinuing the majority of it's services and undergoing a rebranding. Please carefully read the news post for more information - the only currency we will continue to support is Bitcoin, resulting in the discontinuation of Altcoins on the new platform.

In-Discord faucet claims are and Laccs faucet bot, where the second one is frequently unavailable.

Mobile passive earning:
Phoneum cloud mining and Phoneum games
Bitcoin Aliens - Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

Basically these are peanut earning apps, but the are fun.

Lionex Exchange - swap between usually non-swapable things. Like various wallets and crypto to Paypal.
Best Exchange - Exchange between various things, exchange search engine.

Skrill Wallet - payment gateway, FIAT and crypto wallet. Needs Bitcoin cash BCH to swap between, which I find extremely convenient.

Sponsors of aschatria

What more can you get from me?

The internet is such a great way to connect, and all that you use on it exists in the paid alternative. So, swap your old free apps and webs for the ones that will value your content and pay your time.

  • ReadCash -blog about anything and get rewarded in Bitcoin Cash

  • MemoCash - decentralized Bitcoin Cash Twitter alternative

  • LBRY - decentralized YouTube alternative, get paid in LBC, stake it or swap for BCH with SimpleSwap

  • Publish0x - maintain up to three blogs and get paid in BAT for writing and voting ( SimpleSwap supported)

  • SatoshiWall- monetize anything with Bitcoin Cash, sell your digital goods, music or photos

  • SpinBCH - fun game, spin and win some BCH

  • LocalBitcoinCash - trade, buy and earn BCH easily, find work, offer services

  • Skrill - FIAT and CRYPTO in one, debit card, bank cashouts and BCH wallet/exchange available

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4 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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