Facebook doxing users

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2 months ago

After a decade of use and all kind of verification, Facebook asks for my ID? What's next? Mass doxing?

So, how much this will influence Libra adoption? And, moreover, how many users will drop it and leave?

A few days ago the Facebook kicked me out of a browser and asked me to upload my ID, not sure why they think why I would be interested to upload my documents on the entertainment social media website but after full 10 years of various authentication methods, I really think they are turning into an evil force and a social spyware experiment that will not end up good.

It is not that I am worried about my identity being stolen or sold, whoever wants it can have it for free, together with my rotten destiny, but it is because I think that the move they are making by asking documents such as ID is absolutely unnecessary, stupid and unfair for the users.

First, I am not a terrorist, they can scan my entire activity from Facebook itself, the console shows where you went, where you logged in and how much you use certain apps that are not even inside of the Facebook.

Second, they already scanned my PC ages ago just to prove there is no suspicious malware - I have no idea what a fuck that was and I be damn if I care.

Third, I had a developer account and I used to have my bank certification connected - that's few octaves louder than all documents combined - why the hell they need my ID, for real this is ridiculous.

To make it even more pathetic, I am not even a great user of the Facebook, I share my blogs that are all from verified sources, I doubt they hate Github or ReadCash, I get inside of my account when I need to log into an application or a website that has only the Facebook login option or offers it as an option when I need to test something or check how some programming work, or to contact local services like phone providers or events.

But all of that I can do with other means and other ways of contact.

And if somebody wants to abuse Facebook and make a fake profile, that is easily done. But to chase users who are a decade online with them is just ungrateful.

I told my relatives and folks, none of them will upload their documents if asked, they will not even remake a profile but will abandon the platform altogether. Most of them rate Facebook as an unnecessary waste of time.

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2 months ago
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Actually, whenever I tried to register and use FB - it said something about being suspicious and the need to upload the ID within ten minutes of registration. I have uploaded my ID (I wanted to buy some FB ads, so I'd have to do it anyway probably) and within a few days I want "permanently" blocked presumably for fake ID (even though I have uploaded the real ID). No VPNs, real name, real ID, no funny stuff.

That's how my 10 minutes of Facebook experience went.

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2 months ago

I started using fb ads in 2012. the roi was ridiculous! $5/day, once a week could sustain a campaign for months, based off the "indirect referrals" you would receive from "like" and "friends-of-friends" views.

it didn't work for EVERY campaign, but most generated terrific results, compared to google adwords, which didn't have what I called the "social/viral effect". i imagine that success is what drove and still drives their stock's success.

i can't stand fb for their "principals", and I haven't used them in over 5 years, almost certainly will never use them again. same reason i won't use verizon, even though they have the best service (couldn't live with myself supporting a company like that).

not gonna hate on fb, they're capitalists, doing what capitalists do. my best guess is that they've started their "on-boarding" of Libra users (which requires this ID doxing).

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2 months ago

Nah, I think they just want everybody identified anyway, since my run-in with them was about 2 years ago, when there was no Libra planned.

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2 months ago

since my run-in with them was about 2 years ago, when there was no Libra planned.

oh, lol, well then there you go .. i'm not surprised by anything these tech monopolies do today .. i'm so grateful for crypto and the potential it offers, that i can't even hear all that noise anymore

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

A Facebook Rush!! lol :0))

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2 months ago
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