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I believe that you are familiar with all kinds of graphic human-computer verification. However, for ordinary users, this kind of verification will make the use of the product more complicated, and for the product itself, the current verification is to "reducing evil Other than "probability", no additional value will be generated either. In other words, both the supplier and the demander made sacrifices and compromises just to prevent the occurrence of a small number of potentially malicious behaviors, and the project that will be introduced in this article may change this situation.

The Human Protocol team, which has built the world's largest open source authentication code service, hCaptcha, which has made a lot of achievements in the human-machine verification system and tried to refine the intrinsic value of the human-machine verification operation, and now it hopes to create a transparent and efficient data processing market around the world through blockchain technology that reduces the cost of data acquisition for AI self-learning by using every human-machine verification data as an analytical sample.

Turning human-machine verification operations into user benefits

Human Protocol is an open source protocol based on dynamic data + graphic verification of blockchain technology. The protocol uses blockchain incentives and reasonable task distribution to reduce the impact of robots on the network and products, and is applied to major companies and companies around the world. The data platform allows every data-related task (marking, graphics, text recognition and classification, etc.) to generate value. Machines can directly ask humans for the data they need to improve themselves based on the Human Protocol.

As we all know, artificial intelligence requires continuous deep learning, which requires a huge amount of data to support.

Every user who performs human-machine verification has contributed dynamic data + graphic verification data. These huge volumes of data are the high-quality "fuel" for the deepening of artificial intelligence learning. However, in most cases, user-created data is not currently being used for its value.

Human protocol that sees this phenomenon uses blockchain technology to solve this problem.

In the Human Protocol ecosystem, data is generated when users log in to the website for human-machine verification, and the website distributes token rewards (HMT tokens) given by the Human Protocol system to users who log in to the website through smart contracts.

In this process, Human Protocol turned the once worthless human-machine verification behavior into a contribution incentive. Users not only contributed corresponding AI database data, but also received corresponding system rewards.

Establishing a transparent and fair global data processing market

According to the "Digital 2021: Global Overview Report" released by DataReportal in early 2021, it shows: As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion Internet users and 4.2 billion social media users. The average online time of Internet users was about 7 hours.

Huge user groups are active on the Internet every day, generating huge and complex data. For a long time, these data have been processed by specialized data label classification companies (such as Amazon Mechanical) for the development of artificial intelligence and other data demand fields. However, the tripartite collaboration of users-data processing companies-data demanders makes the cost of acquiring valuable data extremely high, which is also one of the important reasons preventing many small and medium enterprises from developing artificial intelligence.

The feasibility of creating data revenue through human-machine verification to promote the development of artificial intelligence has allowed Human Protocol to see a larger market for data label processing. A peer-to-peer data processing market that uses blockchain technology to ensure bounty transparency, open execution, and fair transactions has emerged.

In the Human Protocol, users can create data processing tasks and publish them in the trading market, or they can apply to become data processing workers.

When creating a task, the user needs to write clearly the task requirements, task completion time, and task bounty. In addition to the mainstream cryptocurrency, the bounty will also be accompanied by a HMT token to reward workers and oracles. Once the bounty is determined, it cannot be modified.

After the transaction market receives the task request, it will firstly decompose the task. For example: when the task is to process medical document data, the transaction market will intelligently decompose the content of the medical document into multiple subtasks, some of which are processing names and time Data that does not require medical knowledge, and some subtasks are data that require professional medical knowledge, such as pathological judgment and pharmacological research.

After the task is decomposed, the trading market will assign the task to the appropriate data processing workers. For example, complex medical terms may need to be handled by qualified doctors, and simple tasks do not require specific requirements. When a task is completed, the task bounty will be released to the worker through the smart contract. If the task is rejected or cancelled, the reward will be returned to the task creator.

Human Protocol also introduces two roles: record oracle and reputation oracle to assess the work quality of workers:

When the workers submit their respective processing results, the trading market submits the results to the recording oracle, the recording oracle performs initial evaluation and gathers the work in the block, and the recording oracle can obtain HMT tokens in the bounty.

The reputation oracle supervises the entire work and is responsible for evaluating the blocks gathered by the recording oracles. When a task is successfully completed, the reputation oracle updates the blockchain to trigger the release of HMT rewards to those who accurately participate in completing these tasks.

If the quality of the work of some workers is not high or the task is not completed according to the requirements of the task creator, it will affect the reputation and not receive the data processing work.

Throughout the process, the Human Protocol eliminates the price information gap of data processing, rejects middlemen to make the difference, greatly reduces the cost of data processing, and promotes the development of industries with strong data requirements similar to artificial intelligence.

In terms of performance, Human Protocol's business scope reaches hundreds of millions of users in 247 countries and regions around the world. Through custom batch APIs and one-to-many batch transaction processing, the efficiency of small payments has increased by more than 1,000 times.

However, a single public chain has more or less speed, delay, cost, scalability, and more centralization problems. In order to avoid being hindered by a network bottleneck, Human Protocol is based on ETH.

In January 2021, Human Protocol announced the integration of faster and more efficient Solana to realize the data processing capabilities of millions of people working at the same time.

Human Protocol makes valueless man-machine verification operations valuable, and establishes a fair and transparent data transaction market through blockchain smart contracts, allowing ordinary users to participate in data processing contributions, and achieving a win-win situation for multiple parties. , This is worthy of recognition.

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Written by   205
3 months ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency
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