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Investing in TRON, my thoughts on investment in the crypto circle

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3 months ago
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In the current market, while I continue to hold the current currency, I am also buying a small amount of other value currencies with little gains, which I call the jungler coin.

Although investing in TRON will definitely make money in the long run, we still need to analyze why and when will it rise?

The former question is the core question, and the latter question is likely to be a question of determining the approximate time.


Generally, when buying, I will consider some short-term catalysts.

Because I don’t pay too much attention to the market. Before I was engaged in content creation, the currency circle only held money and rarely did research. Now I start to do some research.

Of course, the purpose of research is to realize value, and research that cannot be realized is meaningless to me.

I am more disgusted that the target I want to start with has a catalyst. After a catalyst, it is not easy to buy.

Once the short-term processing is done, it will definitely rise rapidly. At this time, buying will be very uncomfortable. If it is a long-term positive, it will be difficult to wait for a low price.

Compared with the catalyst, I am more concerned about whether the purchased target is continuously doing things and whether it is actually doing things.

TRON has caught up at every point, but it has not formed a synergy for the currency price increase. In this bull market, its main rise has not yet arrived. This is also one of the reasons I decided to buy tron.


I will be slower to open a position, because I buy and look at it, but I still have to reflect on whether there is a mistake in buying.

So many of my transactions are tentative in the process of searching, but it is impossible for me to look for them without holding positions. In fact, holding positions force you to study harder.

Of course, it is also possible that when you buy slowly, the price of the currency has already skyrocketed, and you may not be able to eat enough.

I feel that I have not yet reached the point where I can understand it at a glance, and I can be sure to buy something with a single start, so I buy slowly, especially in the currency circle.

For example : TRON currently has opened 50% of the target position, and the remaining 50% will wait for the wind to come before buying.


The selling conditions are: deviation from preset expectations, reaching the target market value, and the short-term market is too enthusiastic.

The first one is that the project deviated from the preset expectations;

Suddenly I don’t understand a project, so I will sell it resolutely, no matter how much energy and time I put into it.

It's easy for a project to break down, but it starts from the fact that other people don't understand it. When most users say you are wrong, it is difficult for you to be right.

Deviating from the track, in layman's terms, is a mistake, so the position must be used to correct the error.

The strange thing about the currency circle is that, in many cases, the community ecology of a currency has nothing to do with the currency price.

Second, it has reached or exceeded the target market value.

How to define this goal? It has risen several times in a short period of time alone, or it is obviously out of the big group's rise. The short-term market is too enthusiastic. If you hold this coin, you may not make money for a year, so sell it.


I usually make a combination of 5-8 coins.

Over the years, I have tried various combinations, including 3-5, more than 10, and finally found that a combination of 5-8 coins is the most suitable for me, not only coins and stocks, but also funds.

Of course, the positions of 4 coins may occupy more than 80%, and the remaining 2-3 coins belong to the jungle positions.

Because my personal ability and level have not been able to be fearless with 1-2 stocks or coins alone.

Because the average person's probability of making mistakes in the currency circle must be very high, the project competition barriers in the currency circle are not so strong, and there is no so-called moat, and it is easy to free ride when the concept comes.

So now I still like the new potential currency, so I will intervene when it drops to a straight line. This ensures that I invest in the early stage and avoids the initial shipping frenzy.

To be bigger and stronger, the currency circle project must remember that the advantages and barriers established must be beyond the reach of others or in the short term.

In the past, big funds looked at the concept, but now it is more and more important to the quality. It is no longer about speculating on small speculations. If you want to invest in the currency circle in the long term, you must think clearly about this issue.

Unlike investment companies, most of the projects in the currency circle do not have the awareness of core competitiveness, especially the public chain, which can do a lot, especially the currency circle is an industry that itself is a catalyst.

The competitiveness of the currency circle is not equal to a moat, because the currency circle has new concepts coming out at any time. Some new concepts can easily double the currency in a short period of time, and it is also easy for some coins to be eliminated.

Currently, platform currencies have the most long-term development prospects or exchange currencies, but these currencies are often undervalued, and I think they still have investment value.

We know that many projects in the currency circle depend on whether you can keep up with a concept. If you keep up, there will be gains. If you can't keep up, you will fend for themselves. Coins that don't or don't understand market value management will have a hard time. TRON is a constantly innovating currency, but it may need to continue to work hard in market value management. I am willing to wait for TRON for a while.

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Written by   205
3 months ago
Topics: Crypto
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Bought Tron a couple of months ago, then the price went down!! So now I'm waiting for it to pump up again.. 😀

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3 months ago