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Easily understand the Dao Maker

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This article is in question-and-answer format. For those who do not know DAO Maker, you can quickly learn about such a project in a few minutes.

The basic logical framework of this article:

  • What is DAO Maker?

  • How does DAO Maker do it?

  • How to participate in DAO Maker?

What kind of project is DAO Maker?

DAO Maker is an IDO platform or token distribution platform.

What does DYCO, SHO, dTeam, and Venture Bond all represent on the official website?


DYCO is the first idea proposed by Vitalik. It is a crowdfunding financing method with a redemption mechanism. The purpose is to protect the interests of retail investors by setting a minimum price and a redemption mechanism.

The specific approach is that after the project party raises funds, it cannot withdraw all the funds raised at once. DAO maker allows the project party to withdraw about 20% of the funds raised at a time, and then slowly unlock it, once a quarter.

The project party and the platform will agree on a price floor. If the project party’s token price remains above the price floor within the specified time, DAOmaker’s smart contract will automatically issue the remaining fundraising funds to the project party in proportion; Otherwise, the redemption mechanism is automatically activated.

The amount that the project party needs to repurchase when redeeming tokens is about four times that of the unlocked part. For example, if the unlocked part is 20%, it needs to redeem 80% of the tokens. In this way, the interests of retail investors will be protected. When the price is lower than the price floor, retail investors have the motivation to buy and there will be room for arbitrage.

Now DAO Maker's DYCO and SHO are combined, which can be collectively referred to as SHO, and the mechanism is as described above.


dTeam is the first generation of (social mining) products. It is equivalent to a SaaS platform (software as a service) for the project party to use, the project party uses dTeam to go the community, and the reward is set to the dTeam platform. According to this logic, dTeam can be considered as a task distribution system that encourages community participation.

Venture Bond Venture Bond is a unique design. It is a DeFi wealth management product. It invests funds into the DAO Maker platform to inject funds into the lending platform, machine gun pool, etc., and then the income from DeFi farming will be invested in relatively high-risk projects.

The design here is very clever, the principal is farming, the interest goes to high risk, the principal is not lost, and the return and risk control are relatively reasonable. This product has not yet been launched by DAO Maker.

Toll Bridge: Active conversion of time and space

Retail investors need to proactively claim their tokens on the web page. Toll Bridge allows investors to unlock their tokens in advance. But there will be a certain percentage of burn, the expense of subsequent token unlocks in exchange for a portion of the early unlock. This logic is that the current currency price has a large profit margin, and time does not wait for people to make a space-time transformation.

For example:

The first period of unlocking is between 10-30% (here assumed 30%), for investors there is still 70%, assuming that the currency price at this time is ten times that of IDO. At that time, the investment of 1,000 US dollars, then theoretically became 10,000 US dollars, but only 30% can be unlocked, 3000 US dollars, and then the remaining 70%, which must be unlocked in advance, so directly destroy 50% and propose 20% ( That is, 70%-50%=20%), which means that at this time, what I unlock normally is 30%, and what I unlock in advance is 20%, and then these coins can be exchanged for 5000 US dollars.

The reason why the project party is also willing to accept such a plan is that it can make the general agent circulation of the project deflate in the future.

Method of operation

There are currently two forms of DAO Maker participation:

First, pass KYC, and then use DAO Maker's platform token DAO for IDO (new type); Second, participate in DAO Maker related token distribution on Kucoin and gate two trading platforms. DAO Maker has a strategic cooperation with the two.

The above are the basic rules and operating methods of DAO Maker.

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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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