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Cloud computing platform CUDOS

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At present, many countries in the world have listed blockchain technology as the focus of future development, but it may not be so friendly to mining. In fact, compared with the energy consumption, people are essentially suspicious of the practical application functions generated by mining. For example, Bitcoin mining involves a large number of hash calculations, and these energy-consuming calculations have an impact on the actual economy. The development is not helpful. The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, uses the computing power of the graphics card to do similar mining. Starting this year, the rapid increase in the price of graphics cards has not only made gamers angry, but also caused a rapid increase in the research and development costs of some scientific research companies that target cloud computing and AI artificial intelligence. Such scientific research companies mainly use graphics cards to perform AI calculations.

Can the GPU computing power of the graphics card be used through "mining", and the distributed technology can be used to integrate the computing power of hardware such as graphics cards, and then directly perform scientific research computing tasks? In fact, this model is feasible. The blockchain project CUDOS uses idle hardware computing power for reasonable distribution and token incentives.

Reasonable utilization of idle computing power, blockchain network empowers computing power platform

With the development of artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, the market’s demand for computing capabilities is also increasing. As a new technology company, it takes a lot of time and money to purchase top hardware equipment for corresponding scientific research tasks. So as to meet the needs of its own scientific research computing tasks. Once the calculation tasks of these projects are completed, the equipment will be idle, and the equipment will depreciate very quickly. For such small scientific research companies, the hardware leasing model is generally adopted to perform a large amount of data calculation, but even so, the calculation cost is very high.

In fact, the computing and hardware requirements of the average enterprise cannot be underestimated. Therefore, on the global level, on the one hand, the idle rate of enterprise hardware and personal hardware after purchase is high, on the other hand, cloud computing service giants continue to expand, and service prices are rising.

As a blockchain computing platform, CUDOS mainly solves such pain points. CUDOS mainly uses the incentive model of blockchain digital tokens to enable miners, including existing miners and a wider range of personal equipment providers and even enterprises, to be able to Contribute your own hardware computing power, such as graphics card computing power, and then use distributed computing technology to enable computing power demand companies to use the CUDOS network to complete their computing tasks, thereby reducing costs for enterprises.

Generally speaking, the computing power of the CUDOS network is provided by miners, so the cost of computing power will be much lower than that of other computing equipment rental vendors and cloud computing service providers (Google Cloud, AWS Etc., )it has a very obvious advantage, which is also the key to the development of CUDOS.

Another noteworthy thing is that CUDOS uses the combination of blockchain technology and cloud computing platform to transform the participating miners from a simple and meaningless behavior to provide computing power that supports high-performance computing requirements such as AI computing and scientific computing. In addition, In fact, CUDOS can effectively use the world's idle hardware equipment, which has a positive environmental protection and carbon emission reduction significance.

CUDOS has previously developed and listed corresponding mining programs, and has more than 350,000 registered users (hardware providers) in 145 countries around the world. What's more worth mentioning is that CUDOS supports more than 4000 kinds of hardware devices, including not only personal computers with many chip models but also many game consoles. In addition, CUDOS has also been recognized by well-known chip manufacturers such as AMD and gaming hardware brands such as PlayStation.

Introduction to CUDOS 's two-layer computing network and oracle

As a comprehensive platform for distributed computing services, CUDOS has expanded in the Layer 2 network and blockchain oracles. CUDOS can realize the automatic scheduling of related resources by building a blockchain application DAPP on Layer2, thereby coordinating the normal operation of the network and the normal incentives for participants.

CUDOS provides participants amazing services through smart contracts. The CUDOS Layer 2 network verifier provides data and interfaces for DEFI, and provides computing applications for cloud services and developers on the CUDOS platform, thus realizing the application platform and scenarios of DEFI.

Of course not only that, CUDOS is also a layer of blockchain network, which allows developers to write a new generation of smart contracts that can call off-chain computing resources and run any language (Python, GO or C++) code, easily achieving any high performance Computing has attracted a large number of blockchain application and DAPP developers to pay attention to CUDOS. In this way, CUDOS can provide computing power for various blockchain calculations, such as NFT casting, and significantly increase speed and reduce costs. In this way, building an ecosystem on CUDOS is also very advantageous.

As an intermediate service provider that combines cloud computing and blockchain, CUDOS also provides corresponding computing services and extensions for other public chains. This function will support mainstream public chains such as Ethereum, Algorand and Cosmos, and it will continue in the future.


CUDOS is currently online on gateio, kucoin, bitmax and other exchanges, with a total of 10 billion tokens issued.

In particular, the development of CUDOS at the blockchain level is still in its infancy. After financing 10 million pounds and conducting a public token sale, CUDOS announced the launch of its private testnet in May and plans to release the mainnet within the year. After the construction of the blockchain level is completed, it will be integrated with the existing mining program to realize the on-chain of all computing resources.

to sum up

Thanks to the development of hardware technology and the rapid progress of emerging industries, the demand for data computing in emerging industries has continued to expand in recent years, and the future market demand will continue to increase, and the development and integration of decentralized cloud computing and blockchain platform incentive models has become a trend. In this context, CUDOS also relies on its current advantages in the field of computing and mining to develop the integration of Layer 2 and other public chains, and provide it with corresponding computing resources, thereby creating a full-platform cloud computing and layer2 network.

As a first-tier blockchain and second-tier computing and oracle network, CUDOS can provide decentralized, permissionless high-performance computing on a large scale. After bridging with Ethereum, Algorand, Polkadot and Cosmos, CUDOS will be able to provide scalable computing and Layer-2 oracle services to all bridged blockchains, with a full range of application prospects.

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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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