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A few elements to keep in mind for cryptocurrency mining at home

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4 months ago

There are three main differences between mining at home and mining in a mine. The first is electricity, the second is noise, and the third is temperature, humidity and site. Among them, noise and power factors are the first things that miners must consider, and i will introduce them one by one.

Noise factor

Generally speaking, if the mining machine is placed at home, the first thing to consider is the noise level. When the mining machine is running, the general noise is about 70 decibels, and sometimes it can reach about 80-90 decibels, which is relatively large noise for family, and it is also easy to cause nuisance to the people. Therefore, to put the mining machine at home, it is generally necessary to do a good job of noise reduction.

The noise of the mining machine comes from the heat dissipation of the fan. Due to the dense and large number of computing power chips, the mining machine emits a large amount of heat energy during operation, and the heat dissipation is performed by a violent fan, so it emits a large amount of heat. noise. For miners, this is unavoidable.

At present, Bitcoin mining machines are generally ASIC-based, so basically as long as you mine Bitcoin, there will inevitably be louder noise, which is not desirable. Therefore, most miners who mine at home have the following options:

1. Choose a quiet small miner or a low-noise graphics card miner.

2. Transform the heat dissipation method, remove the violent fan, and reduce the noise.

3. Take measures to remove noise, such as adding sound insulation cotton and so on.

For ordinary users, the most friendly way is to choose a silent mining machine or a low-noise graphics card mining machine. The biggest advantage of this is to reduce the noise from the machine itself, and will not damage the structure of the mining machine, so it will attract to a certain extent Miners' attention. The graphics card is not particularly loud due to the fan's cooling noise, so it is acceptable to put it in the home, as long as there is a separate room, after closing the door, it is almost difficult to hear the noise outside, unless there are more mining machines, it may be necessary to install sound insulation Cotton, generally speaking, there is no big problem with putting an 8-card graphics card mining machine at home to mine ETH. At present, most of the mining machines at home are graphics card mining machines, partly because of low noise.

Graphics card

For special silent small mining machines, they generally mining small currencies. This kind of mining machine is currently made in Asia. It is relatively experienced. Since the number of chips in a single mining machine is relatively small, the heat dissipation is not very large. In other words, a small fan can solve the heat dissipation problem. Some silent small miners do not even have a fan, so this is also more suitable for placing at home. Of course, because the mining currency is a small mining currency, the price of all coins is relatively ups and downs are large, so the payback period is difficult to estimate.

Silent small miner

The transformation of mining machines to use other silent cooling methods is relatively common in foreign countries, and relatively few people use it in America. For example, the most common methods are water-cooling and oil-cooling. The domestic Bitmain produced a water-cooled mining machine before. That is to say, as long as the water pipe is plugged in, the temperature of the miner can be cooled, thereby reducing the noise of the fan. The oil cooling method is generally to immerse the mining machine as a whole in the oil tank, so as to ensure that the mining machine can immediately cool down.

Ordinary water cooling needs to modify the machine and requires a person with more hands-on ability to operate it. Generally, copper pipes are used to pass water and fixed above the heat sink. However, because of the need to modify, it may be caused by After the renovation, the warranty policy will be lost. Oil cooling is relatively simple, but it is more troublesome to repair, so it is more suitable for tossing some older models.

Sound insulation cotton is an auxiliary measure for household mining and noise reduction. It is to stick thick ordinary sound insulation cotton on the wall (glass fiber cotton is not recommended). There are many small holes on the surface of the sound insulation cotton, which can absorb part of the noise and play a sound insulation. However, the sound insulation effect is not very ideal, so it can only play a role in assisting noise reduction.

Mining power consumption

In addition to noise, home mining machines also need to consider power consumption. Generally, Bitcoin mining machines consume a lot of power. Even if you have good sound insulation measures at home, you may also need to pay a lot of money. Worry about electricity bills. Due to the relatively expensive electricity bills of residents, the current power consumption of Bitcoin mining machines may be around tens of dollars a day. If it is a month, it can be as little as one thousand dollars and as many as several thousand dollars. This is also the most important consideration thing for miners.

Generally, there are steps for electricity consumption in cities, and electricity costs are more expensive. Therefore, in many cases, it is actually not suitable for professional mining machines such as Bitcoin and Litecoin to run at home, because in many time periods, mining these currencies at home is in loss. Of course, for the graphics card mining machine with low power consumption, the electricity cost for mining at home is relatively small, and it is more convenient to accept, which has become a good choice for miners.

In the past few years, mining projects such as small FPGA mining machines and chia, which are less dependent on electricity, are also relatively friendly. Among them, chia, mass, and other mining based on poc hard disk files have the least power consumption, while FPGA mining machines are mainly used in the new small mining algorithm, so the power consumption is also negligible. The power of the graphics card mining machine and the consumption is slightly larger, generally a few hundred watts to more than one thousand watts, so it can withstand the electrical environment of the home.

Of course, for rural household electricity, it is necessary to do a good job in the transformation of power facilities before mining. Generally, rural power conditions are relatively backward, and many places even use relatively thin wires. Therefore, if you increase high-power mining at home , it is necessary to consider the withstand strength of the fuse and the aging of the wire. For example, if the aluminum wire was used to transmit power before, it should be replaced with copper wire as soon as possible. Before the copper wire has a small cross-sectional area, try to replace it with a large cross-sectional area or pull another copper wire to reduce the load of a single wire and prevent it from growing. Time aging causes serious accidents.

But having said that, the current rural population is declining, and a large number of young laborers are moving to cities. Therefore, the electricity load in rural areas will not rise much in the past few years. Although some rural areas also have the problem of tiered electricity tariffs, the pressure is not particularly large. , For one or two graphics card mining machines, it is still acceptable.

If you want to increase the scale of mining machines in rural homes, you need to consider other power issues. Generally speaking, solar power is currently more friendly. Generally, the power of 100 square meters of solar panels is about 10 kilowatts, basically It can also meet the needs of mining during the day, but the initial cost of solar power supply may be relatively high. In recent years, state subsidies have also been decreasing.

Temperature and humidity venue

Try to choose a separate small room for mining at home, so as to minimize the impact of mining on life. Generally, the impact of mining on life is mainly the impact of noise. My country implements it in accordance with ISO international standards.

General household mining has relatively high requirements for mining machines and sites, and in terms of operation and maintenance, it also needs to face many unexpected events, such as network outages and power outages. Therefore, for miners, if the number of machines is large or the power consumption is large, serious consideration is needed.

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