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March Month is Fire Prevention Month...

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4 months ago

As the saying goes..its better to suffer the catastrope of storm that be devastated by fire...

Month of march is marked as the fire prevention month..why? because on this month is the start of summer season so all that sorrounds is suffers dryness and drout..

In order not to loose the properties that was established through hard sweats and perseverance..i have here the several tips to be applied or precautionary measures that you have to cconsider:

  • 1. Pull out unused electrical appliances when leaving your house or when not in use

  • 2. Dont allow childrens at home to play with matches

  • 3. Consider to have the local hot lines of fire department near your area

  • 4. Dont leave burning candles un attended

  • 5. Avoid octopos connection of wirings in your homes

Remember...precaution is better than to suffer the consequences..

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