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Where does your heart want?

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1 month ago

Home is where you can be what you are and they love you.

Home is not just the house you live in. It's more than that. Home means security, love, peace and warmth among people. Mom and Dad give us love and warmth.

Home is where we can be what we are and we don’t have to pretend to be different. Where we feel loved and at peace with ourselves and the world. A place to which we return with love and joy.

Home is where you are accepted, where it is safe, where you are reminded when you are doing something wrong, where we help each other.

Home is a place where you spend most of your childhood and where you know they teach you to do right even though you don’t like it.

Where there is life, there is home.

Home is a space surrounded by love.

Home is where you live. It's very nice at home.

Home is where my heart is

I wrote this post because I listened to one of the most beautiful songs.

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This is beautiful! And thank you for sharing the song!

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1 month ago

my heart want more different things, some pf them i can afford, some not but this is a life

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1 month ago

I believe that I am extremely happy because I know that I am where I should be, the place where my home is.

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1 month ago