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Coming Back Home on A Rainy Night

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1 month ago

Happy Holiday readers! I hope you'll enjoy the story, if not, then make sure to tell me 😅:

"Sir please end the class now, the weather is not good and looks like it'll start raining soon and we have to take the local bus."

Class monitor sounded quite irritating because the lesson time was already over and it was already about 8pm but the professor wouldn't end the class as we have yet to solve the questions he gave us and only those students are allowed to go back who solve the question and unfortunately nobody could solve it ( we are not dumb, the questions were literally very difficult).

It wasn't a rainy season so nobody brought their umbrellas with them but I have the habit of carrying half of my room's stuff wherever I go and fortunately my college bag was big enough to accommodate it😹 so I had an umbrella in my bag, big enough to cover 3 people at a time, it was foldable and easy to carry so I always kept it in my bag.

Of course I was worried as well, I mostly travelled on cycle rikshaw/ auto rikshaw /Tuk Tuk or whatever you call it, and it's wasn't much safe and as well as convenient to hire it in this weather. Something like this:

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Well after convincing the professor to end the class and to attend an extra class again at tomorrow 7am, we were finally allowed to go, but the rain had already started it's show by then and it was raining cats and dogs...... Oh Holy! What should we do now? We can't wait anymore.

I asked my buddy how she'll go but she kept silent, after getting no answer I just said good bye and walked toward my route, I was the only one of the whole class who was going on that route and there were no street light there, completely dark😨

When I unfolded my umbrella and was about to go out of the corridor, I unintentionally turned to look back and saw my friend still standing there and looking at me. I was confused and asked her loudly "what happened?", she said nothing and just kept staring at me and my umbrella and then I understood what she wanted, but still I asked : "Umbrella?" and she nodded , so it was the case.

I knew she needed it more than anybody else because she lived at a distance of about 50km and it took her almost one and half an hour to reach her home and she had to switch two buses but.... Who doesn't need an umbrella in a rainy weather?

But still I stuffed my precious baby in her hand and started to walk again, she yelled my name twice, maybe want to return it back😂 who knows? but I didn't turned back and kept walking.

I had my hand written project in my bag and we had to submit it the day after tomorrow, what I least wanted at that moment was for it to get wet.

I hugged my bag and kept walking toward the gate, Who is afraid of getting drenched in rain?😅🙄 I just want my assignment to be safe.

a blurry image of that night, SS of someone's WhatsApp status

Mostly I have to cross the road to hire a cab but at that day (the first and last time) I didn't need to cross the road and a gentle rikshaw driver offered his services, I asked: "Sir I am drenched in rain, if you're afraid that I'll dirty your rikshaw then you can go I'll wait for someone else", but he said he won't mind and I can sit, the rain was so heavy and it was even pouring on me inside the rikshaw.

The driver didn't wait for other passengers and started the rikshaw and I was now looking for fare money in my bag and I found out that the only money notes left in my bag are wet and how should I pay now? I honestly told the driver and he said he won't mind, TBH his gentleness was scaring me now, the area wasn't very safe in those days, maybe he is really an angel sent by God for all the good deed I did in the whole day but......what if he is not, my mind was now recalling all the scary stories I have ever heard about the mishaps in this kind of weather.

I started to pray whatever I remember but Thank God he was really an angel and even dropped me at my house's gate and not the main road, I paid him with all the notes in my bag as a thanks ( I know his kindness couldn't be paid just with money but it was the only way I had)

My mom was already standing at the gate waiting for me, I gave her my bag and asked her to check all my stuff in it, fortunately the assignment was safe, I ran to my room picked up a dress and went for a shower, now I just had to eat and sleep.

A tiring day was finally over🥱😴 Good Night!

Closing thoughts:

What will you do if you ever faced such situation? If you had to lend your most important thing at the moment to someone else when you need it as well as, as for me, I'll do the same I did that day, as long as it's something I can do and as long as it won't hurt me physically or mentally.

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Written by   4
1 month ago
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