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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) For Beginners - How To Escape Bitcoin Maximalism

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7 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)

For anyone that is just starting the journey into crypto, they will first learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Coinbase, and then the quest begins.

The infinite crypto information a new person in crypto has to deal with is massive. It resembles a storm and the new user of crypto has to weather it.

If you are a beginner in crypto and just found this post accidentally, consider sticking and reading it, as you are about to learn how to navigate yourself within this storm.

I am not going to discuss everything about crypto, nobody can, unless they write a book. You are here anyway, because you searched for Bitcoin Cash, and somewhere a link to this Read.Cash writeup appeared. You thought, the title is fine so you plan to just take a look and pass some parts reaching to the part you wanted to find.

I give it to you since the prologue then, to save you some time:

Bitcoin Cash is what you would expect from a cryptocurrency.

Phase One: Realize the Lies

It is a cryptographic form of cash, it is money, and contains every characteristic money already has.

You would have expected bitcoin and ethereum to be have super fast transactions and cost nothing to send money around, right? WHO WOULDN'T?

This is the purpose, if money can't move fast it is worthless money. We need money to move in and out our wallets in a second or less. This is how the world works.

You probably don't even believe yet Bitcoin and Ethereum are not fast. You try to understand why and what happened. Feeling confused as you've been told this is the new money that is used so much on the internet for commerce, even you've read how Bitcoin is used in the dark web.

How can this shit be slow? You don't buy it, you think this is temporary and will get a fix.

It is the actions and inaction of the developers that created a mess and now left Bitcoin blockchain to rot. It is a corpse now, because the developers that did not want to upgrade the network made it so.

If you invest in Bitcoin (which is the BTC ticker) it is like you are investing in nothing. You just paid for a ticket in narrative land.

Have you read between the lines of all the fairy tales the media feeds you? Look at CNBC and beyond, they don't even understand any part of this technology, but they speak like professional developers, claiming it is the best thing ever.

If you manage to successfully recognize the illussion the mainstream is feeding you, then you are good to go. If you don't make it, but you already quit reading this, and calling bullshit on me, well, then you are already gone and you are beyond help.

Step 2: What happened

I can't explain this all of it. I don't even know half of what happened. Certainly most wanted Bitcoin to upgrade the code and have a network that can accept more people in, not push them away.

The network of Bitcoin was amazing but as any network that gets more users fast, it needs upgrades to perform better.

BUT, this was not going to happen and there was a kind of civil war, with threats and Satoshi suddenly appearing, somehow, for both sides with different names and supporting different block size.

What you need to know is this:

Bitcoin stayed as it was without an upgrade that could help it reach mass adoption. The reasons and everything that happened is dispersed today in the furthest reaches of the internet.

Bitcoin forked in 2017 and the one side was the Bitcoin you bought (probably), while the developers and community that were in favor of mass adoption followed the way of Bitcoin Cash.

This is Bitcoin Cash today. It is Bitcoin, it has the same code with the upgrade that was required to achieve mass adoption. This upgrade is the block size that is now 32MB on Bitcoin Cash.

This was all you need to know. Bitcoin is slow and expensive to use, Bitcoin Cash is super fast and very cheap.

These metrics is the difference, since in about everything else it is the same coins.

For anyone outside crypto, this is not even supposed to be an argument. Who would ever care for a slow and expensive to use means of exchange (currency).

Phase 3: Deception

The internet is filled with imposters having their interests in creating problems just because they think this way they profit, or feed their ego, or it is just the nature of some individuals to be destructive and they can only bring chaos and trouble around them.

These are also the trolls on the internet that have done nothing else but waste the time of those trying to produce something that can actually help our life.

Bitcoin somehow has attracted all of them and uses them to constantly attack Bitcoin Cash. This pack of internet accounts goes by various names:

  • Bitcoin maximalists

  • Bitcoin cult

  • Bitcoin mob

Most of them are lurking and waiting to attack those that express an opinion different to what is the current fairy tale they are selling.

It is not just snake oil salesman out there, but also a furious mob charging against any person that tries to expose the lies of statements.

This misinformation targets Bitcoin Cash with very aggressive tone and language used. It starts from the devs of Bitcoin Core themselves, hanging out on Reddit and spamming relentlessly.

What you need to know:

They offend the Bitcoin Cash users, but will always mention the price difference, as it has anything to do with the network differences.

They simply have nothing. This is why they are furious with Bitcoin Cash. The mindset of certain people can't easily change. I've talked about IQ previously, which I'd rather not, but this is a based example of how easy it is for the 120IQ to manipulate the 100IQ and lower. It has to do with the upbringing, and how to behave to other human beings. These guys simply don't have any quality as human beings, they are pathetic, they are those you don't even answer the phone when they call and try to push away from you.

It is psychological warfare with the BTC pack of wolves. They are vultures preying on the weak and this case is the beginners that have very little experience with crypto.

Phase 4: Find Reason

This is Bitcoin Cash. It is not perfect. The developers are intelligent but they are not cunning. They don't try to sell snake oil to a clueless passer-by. We use Bitcoin Cash every single day. When was the last time you used the Bitcoin you bought to buy a thing?

We promote fair use of cryptocurrency and are not blind to tell the world it is only Bitcoin and nothing else. We use many cryptos and we find good use for those that we can use.

We like Dash too, what can we say that it doesn't work? It does work. We used to love Dogecoin and many still do love it as a meme. But this was the purpose of Doge a meme, it didn't plan to revolutionize transactions and payments.

Bitcoin Cash is the hope you lost when you found Bitcoin is not working. Probably some told you already this was just about making more money. If the dollar is the money you want, then you can easily become another of those BTC mob of maniacs that infest the internet.

This about changing money, not selling to the next idiot that bought after you.


Be a nice guy, no matter if you choose to keep your bags of BTC and never move them out of an exchange.

Do you think you are convincing anyone with an confrontational behaviour? Do what you have to do but make the world a better place.

If you are in crypto to make money do that, I love money, I don't ever deny it. I just love having better money than what we have today.

Money is a method of becoming better individuals when we use them the right way.

If we have money but can't use it (Bitcoin, Ethereum) what is this about?

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Written by   311
7 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)
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excelente escrito

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6 months ago

Thank you.

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6 months ago

Bitcoin wasn't slow and didn't have fees in the beginning.

Ummmmmm, fees were extremely low because the price was low and blocks weren't full, but unless you waited to make a transaction with 0 fee (which you could), there WERE still fees on it.

And block times were designed as 10 minutes on average from the start! Depending on what you're comparing against, that can be seen as fast, or slow.

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7 months ago

Wasn't 0-conf accepted on Bitcoin before the RBF? I thought I read somewhere it was but I will change this.

I deleted this part. I thought it was like that, thanks for explaining and tipping!

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7 months ago

The 0-conf transactions were possible from version 0.3.12 until version 0.12.0 of Bitcoin Core. In the version 0.12.0 in 2016 RBF was introduced and 0-conf was abolished . 0-conf transactions were reintroduced in Bitcoin on 1 August 2017, when RBF was abolished again. However, RBF was only abolished in Bitcoin Cash BCH. Bitcoin Core BTC has retained RBF.

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7 months ago

Thanks for the explanation and the tip.

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7 months ago