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15 Ways Movies and Tv affect Us that we Dont even notice

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2 days ago

It's no surprise that we are influenced by media we consume. But sometimes we think we can outsmart out TVs when im reality our brains are just giant sponges, ready to absorb whatever it throws in our way.

Read this 15 amazing ways movies and television can influence our little brains.

Television has a negative effect on romantic relationships.

The more one believes in a television image of romantic relationship, the less likely they are to be around to be bound by marriage.

You are more likely to eat when you see something interesting.

People eat more while watching movies than watching interview programs. Tv shows have to attract more attention, people pay less attention to what they eat and the more they eat.

Alcohol brand placement on TV is related to teenagers' drinking preferences and behaviors.

Teenagers who have watched high-quality TV shows with high-end brands have increased their alcohol consumption.

Watching late night comedy TV increases how much you talk about politics.

Political satire was found to be just as effective as regular political views in encouraging discussion among it's viewers.

In the movie, you are biased about people like you.

Researchers have used brain scans to determine if people prefer roles similar to theirs.

Justified and Unjustified violence in movies activates different parts of brain.

While the violence seems justified in the movies, it seems more acceptable in the minds of teens that when it isn't.

TV forums help viewers express themselves and feel connected to the community.

In a study that came as no surprise to anyone who has been part of the online trend, researchers have pointed out that women in particular find this group in TV forums.

Popular television show teach that children's fame is the most important value.

The value of comparison has lost dramatic importance in a ten year study.

Watching stressful movies affects your heartbeat.

Watching an emotionally-charged film can disturb your normal heartbeat and cause significant increase in blood pressure.

More than news, TV characters have the power to influence attitudes toward policy matters.

Viewers who have seen transgender roles have seen more programs, their attitude towards gender issues more supported. Television helps to develop compassion.

In films, children smoke more often.

Smoking has appeared in more than half of the films made in the past 16 years, and many of these films were considered acceptable to young people. The tobacco industry has a history of collaborating with Hollywood.

There is a good relationship between watching shows where the good outweighs the bad and there is a belief in the fair world.

Shows like Game of Thrones have the opposite effect. If you see the world as unfair you are more likely to stand up for social justice.

Good horror movies control your brain activity.

Our brains are constantly waiting and because of threats we are ready to act, and horror movies try to harmonize it.

Your favorite TV show can make you feel connected.

The illusion of a relationship with TV characters can give you a feeling of warmth and connection, even if you are rejected by friends and family.

Movies synchronize the brain.

Movies have a similar effect on our brains. Even at a fraction of the time in a fraction of a second, different people's brain activity responds equally.

Movies and television affect our behavior because they make us less active. Watching movies is a passive activity. The more we look, the more we become mentally and physically ill. When we see things work for us we stop using our imagination.

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Written by   22
2 days ago
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Great topic viewer Physiological manipulation is a major issue in all media and understanding the tactics as well as motives helps avoid their intended affect. keep it up

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2 days ago

Thank you so much. Sse you on my next article 😊

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2 days ago