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Random photos [part 12]

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9 months ago

Hello guys, what’s up?

I think all are well by the grace of Almighty.

I am also good and fit.

Today I am gonna share my another interesting and attractive photography article. I think already you know that because you read my article title and click to read my article and watch my photos. Yes, now I gonna share my random photos part 12 article. Already I have published other random photos articles.

I got huge support for this random photos article. So I am interested to continue these random photos articles. I think all of you support me like before. It's inspired me all the time. So I can continue my work. I am also thankful to everyone who supports me all the time.

I think Everyone knows that photography is my hobby. I like and love to capture photos all the time. Most of the photos are nature-related because I love nature and natural resources very much. Always I try to capture nature photos, natural objects attract me so much. So when I see some beautiful natural objects I don’t mistake to capture those objects.

So let's start to share today’s random Photos :

Yesterday, with my friend gonna market. Then I show this beautiful and colorful sky. So I don’t miss taking these attractive colorful sunset sky with some black clouds. I think It's not so attractive but not so bad. Always I try to take good photos. But it’s not possible to capture good photos all the time. Also I a mobile photographer. So I need weather I mean nature support to take better photos.

Some days ago I and some of my friends sit and talk to each other. Then suddenly we show this colorful sunset sky. There we have 4 friends so everyone tries to capture this beautiful natural scenery. But the sad thing is that the sky had to express such colors. That none of us could capture it well. And the result you can see now.

It's a very old bridge in Bangladesh. Actually, it’s a railway bridge. The name of this bridge is HARDING BRIDGE.

About this bridge :

Hardinge Bridge is a steel railway bridge over the river Padma located at paksay in Bangladesh. It is named after Lord Hardings who was the viceroy of India from 1910 to 1916. The bridge is 1.8 kilometers (1.1 mi) long.

I visited this place many times with my friends. Then I captured these photos. I think It's really nice to see. Photography is one of my best hobbies but I have another hobby too and that it traveling. But For this corona paramedic, I cannot visit more places right now. When I can make travel more places I can provide you more beautiful and attractive photos.

Yesterday, the evening I captured these beautiful and attractive sunset sky photos. What do you think? It's beautiful or not? I think all of you say it’s really beautiful. I took many photos like it. It is one of them. I want to share a full article with those beautiful sunset sky photos. I think all of you like it most. I think those coconut trees make these photos more beautiful and attractive too.

Some days ago I took these photos from our native village. It looks not so good but I think It's no so bad. I took these photos in the evening time.

I captured all these photos using my smartphone. Because I haven't any DSLR.

Device: Xiaomi redmi note 5 (ai)

Thank you everyone for reading my article. If you like my article please do like comment and don't forget to subscribe to my account. I will publish my other photography as soon as possible.

No more now.

Stay home. Stay safe.

God bless you all.


This is @aminul once again.😍😍

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Written by   719
9 months ago
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