Crypto, Greedy | A Real Story

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They say that there is no such thing as so called “expert” in the crypto world. I couldn’t agree more, because no one can ever predict the trend of the market.

So, I have a story about it.

A close friend of mine who’s been trading in crypto for quite some time now, has already lost a lot of money just because he’s been so greedy about the matket whenever it’s pumping up.

There is no perfect term that I can call him rather than a “Crypto, Greedy”.

Title: Crypto, Greedy | A Real Story
Published Date: October 15, 2022
Author: alykavinsky 

This story of his multiple failures on trading started last year. When he had some enough of money, he started to invest in different types of tokens. At first, his earnings are pretty good to be honest, but things started to change when he became so confident on himself about how he trade, and his beliefs about trading on the market.

Although, I’m always telling him to sell whenever he’s already seeing an enough profit from his investment. But guess what, he never listens. He always told me that based on his reading about the market, his investment on a certain tokens will pump up some more, so he still holds all of it. Until, the war in the Ukraine and Russia broke up unexpectedly, and all of his investment turned to nothing in just a snap of a finger.

Yeah, it sure is that money is power, but greed is the number one enemy of it.

Of course, he regretted about everything, but he has nothing to do about it but to move on for now. After a few months, he invested in crypto again. He bought some altcoins that’s truly going well in the market. But the same thing happens once more.

At first, he earns pretty well. But things changes once again when he started to be greedy about his tokens to pump up. So basically, he lost all of his investment again, but not just that, he lost all of his savings as well.

I’m always telling him before, over and over, that he has to sell his tokens whenever there are enough of profit that he’s seeing already, whether that is $2 or $5 profits, as long as he has some earnings, then he has to take the risk. Rather than waiting for the market to pump up to the moon without having any assurance of it, and lost everything in the end.

And that’s what always happens to him.

He lost everything. Although, he never gave up yet, and he’s trying to invest in NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) now.

No matter how close we are to each other, he wouldn’t listen to my advices, because I guess that’s how confident type of people are. They only listen to their own ideas, and some advices are just plainly nothing to them. They thought that whatever ideas they have, they will stick to them, because that’s the right one to follow and nothing more.

They only realizes that their idea has failed once they’ve totally lost everything.

Well, regret is always in the end. As bad as how I’m feeling for all of the money and investment he had lost, but oh well, he reap what he sow. I’m just concerned about how the way he handled his trading, and yet he never listens, so I guess, he get served what he deserved.

I think, the lesson here is that, never become so over confident about yourself when it comes to crypto investment. There are a lot of factors that can affect the trend of the market on a day to day basis, and no matter how you think your level of expertise in crypto are, you can never rely to that all the time.

I’ll say, as long as you’re seeing a profit from your investment, no matter how small that is, do the trade. Waiting for crypto to pump up to its peak is just to risky these days. Earn some or lose everything, that’s the deal with it.

Hey hey, what’s up with you today?

I’m about to do laundry, but my right hand is still swelling, so I’m just here resting and I thought of writing this blog just to waste some time.

I hope you’re doing well and safe. Have a good day, you fellas!

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