The story behind Ying and Yang

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"Let us give thanks for our shadows because they are there in the first place because of the presence of light."

The world is full of opposite forces, aspects, things and people but which in turn need to complement each other, we see this idea or scoop reflected in philosophies such as those that revolve around yin and yang, given that they are affirmed to be energies that make the world in constant balance, they are primordial and basic energies to keep life in order. Basically they are aspects that although we do not know in depth we have seen at some point in life certain aspects or images that refer to this, but now they are different but complementary aspects as has been well exposed, therefore the ying is associated with femininity , darkness, earth and passivity, while yang obviously means and harbors another conception as representing the masculine or opposite gender, linked to light, the active and the sky.

It is evident that this new conception was born in China, it was born to give us new, more objective conceptions but also with the mission that we accept ourselves as we are, there are many contradictions that the human being harbors, especially around what represents him, since at first when we do not know how to value or appreciate what we have, we always seek the approval of others, wanting to be and foster in ourselves a non-existent person, thus limiting our essence and vibrates when the one that should matter is the one that lives within we must accept that not everything is white but not everything is black either, that just as we have moments of happiness there will also be those that teach us through emotions and experiences somewhat marked by the negative, after all the ying and the yang is a kind of duality, which balances us and teaches us to respect that there are many conceptions, many visions in the world, a lot of diversity and that we must give ourselves and give the position that that we deserve and deserve.

Now, Taoism was and is a belief system, a philosophical system that was even formed as a religion in China, at the time of the famous one hundred schools of thought, which basically revolves around the inherent harmony between human beings and nature. well now you may wonder what this philosophy has to do with ying and yang, well under this movement principles were written about ying and yang, which have been important for many who fervently believe in this as a religion. Below I will summarize a little what they want to tell us:

-They are complementary forces therefore both are needed to cope with existence.

-Although they are opposites in this philosophy everything is relative.

-Many aspects of yang live within the ying and vice versa, this reaffirms the principle stated above, given that they complement each other to survive.

-These forces can create and foster each other's energy.

It should be noted that although it is a Chinese philosophical current we can use it and apply it in any area of ​​our lives, we even see it implicitly, we are people who say we are open but on many occasions radicalism involves us in little things like accepting that happiness is the opposite of sadness and obviously to want to always live happily but life works in other ways, since we must learn to live with darkness but above all accept it in order to be able to live life to the fullest regardless of gray or complementary colorful moments another aspect is about the people when we make judgments even without knowing them we brand them or label them as good or bad at first sight without taking the time to get to know them in depth, the yin and yang is more present than we think we just have to learn to use it truly in our favor and obviously positively.

We all know the graphic symbol that represents yin and yang, but few take the time to analyze beyond what they know, know or see, this symbol makes us understand that we come to this world complete, full, but in that immensity In addition to bringing aspects that exalt us as qualities that will make us different, we also include supremely negative aspects that we work hard to hide without accepting them, although they are aspects that we must control due to their deplorable nature, we must accept that no one is perfect and we all have in our cells a bit of positive and negative.

Thank you for reading!

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