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Universal Symbolism

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Bury The Hachette

I was walking through the cab terminal going home then from afar I saw my sister and her own family sitting waiting for a cab too. My sister and I are not in good terms so I walked the other side so as not to be noticed by them. 

As I was coming near, I could hear my sister and brother in law having a conversation and to my surprise it was about me. They talked bad things about me and they were like talking in loud voices so that people at the terminal could hear them saying how bad I am. 

I continued to pass unnoticed and at the distant side I sat and I could still hear their loud voices continuously speaking like backstabbing me. I can hear their voices like going near me and when I turned back I saw them pass behind. Then I shouted, “Go on, I can hear your voices loud and clear.” They were surprised and weren't expecting that I was there.

Career Change

I went to my brother and told him that I lost my Job. He then accompanied me to his work and let me join him to his contractual job. He also added another friend to come to work. When we reached the site, the owner told my brother that he needed only one additional worker but my brother brought two. 

We went inside the mall and we saw the old co-worker with his brother working with some machine inside the premises. It was like they had changed careers. They saw us passed by.

My brother was working outside like catching fish and he showed me the fish he was catching, it has writings on its body.

I held a snake pet but then it had let go and I couldn't take it back. It was slippery.


My siblings and I had a misunderstanding and I haven't seen them in years. I guess it’s normal for siblings to have a little arguments especially when all of them have their own family. But it’s not like we have quarrels about lands or who’s to inherit our parents properties, we are not that rich.  


I used to write my dreams and I have completed a book of my own dreams. Unfortunately the book was lost during a disaster. Then I stopped writing when I found interesting things other than writing my dreams. Somehow I still write my dreams, those only that are still fresh the morning I wake up.

Dreams are important to us. Even though it may mean nothing or useless it is still important and is part or fragments of our memories.  Dreams are our guide to daily living and only you can find out the meaning of it in due time. 

There are several types of dreams but most dreams come as a standard dream. Dreams are symbolic. Mostly my dreams are literal dreams, prophetic and visual dreams.

If you take more consideration about your dreams you can manage to live your life accordingly by being aware of what is going to happen and looking back at what has happened with your life and the people around you. It was like a book to read and review and in the end we learned.

Dreams depend on how you control yourself and the influences of the things and people around you. It doesn't make you rich or make you poor either. It just reads about yourself in a symbolic way.

If you dreamed of the death of a family member well don’t be afraid of that. You must know that death could also mean end, stop, or prevent. On the contrary it could also mean a new beginning, a start of something or a change.

So to wrap it up dreams are like warnings. Consider it like road signs that if you ignore it you will end up having unacceptable circumstances. But it doesn't necessarily mean you have to freakily decipher your dreams. 

Take a look at every detail like numbers, colors, places and things as it all have meanings in the universal symbol.

Most of my stories here are from my dreams and if you think you are running out of stories to tell why not write down all your dreams and create a story. Adding some twist depends on your creativity and voila. You have instant stories to tell. 

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Written by   67
1 month ago
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