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The silence space between thoughts

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1 month ago

I am guessing that most writers here in if not all are born normal. You know what I mean like no physical disabilities, with complete five senses and or living with the freedom of their own choices. In other words, almost born perfect. 

Have you ever met a person or seen on TV, public places or viewed on the internet that has physical disorder? What is your first impression? How do you feel about them? Do we judge them because of their appearance?

Ironically if you see a beautiful woman or good looking guy without flaws, what comes into your mind? How do you feel seeing such? Will you define them for how they look?

How do we define ourselves? Can you define yourself as pretty, handsome, strong, fat, ugly? Does physical appearance define one's self?

There are people who look at others by defining what they see on the outside. They become judgmental. A person might be ugly in physical appearance but we need not have to judge them for who they are. We don’t know them and who knows what inside of them is precious.

Sometimes we tend to complain of everything around us as if we are not satisfied of what we presently have. We envy others because they have plenty while we have less. We often see what’s with others while we fail to see what’s with us. We are also good at comparing others or ourselves with others.

Why not look at things in a different way? Always look at the bright side? Think positive. Things are not what they seem. There is a higher way to look at things. Define yourself as the creator of yourself and be the creator of your thoughts. 

Our purpose in life is just to be here, to have fun experiencing things. It’s the ability to experience things and create your own world. Create it for ourselves and to find the truth, our own personal connection with things within ourselves.

Life is like a playground, to have fun creating meanings and labels. That is all about energy, what is real, the silence space between thoughts. That silence is what is real. When our mind is silent that is real. Because we start to think and define, we are limiting things. 

When we are silent about our conscious mind, we tap into our ultimate mind which is our true potentiality. It’s nothingness that is the potential to become anything. Things can manifest within us our thinking and own design so think of us all as being creators and that is where I come from when I write.

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Written by   74
1 month ago
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Usually, emotions take over first resulting in undesirable actions. Then you start realizing how you end up doing it. That's one thing I need to overcome. Thinking numerous times before acting because the silence is real. That's our real intentions. ❤

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1 month ago