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Split Second (Shooting incident)

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2 months ago

Here is a real story of a shooting incident that could take the lives of innocent people. This happened a long time ago and I'm going to share it here while the murdering of Mother and son in Tarlac, Philippines is still viral. This is to somehow make you aware that you should never argue or provoke a person holding a gun. 

Life is short and no one can take anyone's life by just shooting him because someone was pissed off. 


One night, there were three teenage friends (Jun, Nho and Jay) playing with their skateboard alongside the highway of Karangahan Boulevard. They are not that good at skateboarding and it was the time when they were just about to learn such extreme sports. They were doing simple Ole and learning some tricks. 

On the other side of the road was the sister of Jun and her boyfriend sitting beside their house which was located just along the highway. The three were having some fun for about an hour and it was past 11:00 PM in the evening. The place is not dangerous and is safe to stand by the highway at night if someone wishes to catch some fresh air.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man on a dirt bike stopped in front of them, sitting still on a bike without any words from him, the man put up his mask - a bonnet mask, then pulled a gun from his left waist and pointed directly at Jun. Without any clue Jun was stuck from where he stood and the man began uttering bad words repeatedly pointing the gun to his friends back and forth. Jun's’ friend Nho, held the skateboard and when the man pointed the gun towards him, about two meters distance, Nho covered his face by the skateboard expecting that the man would pull the trigger. Then the man pointed the gun to Jun who was clueless of the scenario. The man kept uttering bad words pointing the gun still to Jun’s face for about 10 seconds, then pointed the gun below his feet and pulled the trigger.

Fire was visible coming from the .38 caliber and the bullet hit the concrete just an inch besides Jun’s feet. Just before the gunshot, Jun’s sister was trying to intervene crossing from the other side of the road. Nho and Jay hurriedly run in fear that the man would fire his second shot but Jun stands still and can’t move as he was shocked by the shooting.

After the gunshot, the man started the engine and fled. It took about 30 seconds before Jun realized what had happened and shouted with fear. “It’s him, I know that man!”, He shouted. 

Her mother who was sleeping was awakened by the commotion, she looked through the window and checked what was going on. Nho and Jay come out from where they hide, then Jay screams “I’m hit, I was shot”, checking his back for any wounds as he felt he was. Luckily it was just bruises from where he jumped in at the pavement. 

About 30 minutes had passed when they realized that they had a motorbike, then Jun hurriedly started his bike and the three friends went to the direction where the Gunman headed. 

They search in town and look for a similar bike the man used, look after a club's parking lot hoping that they can find clues but there weren't any of the man's traces. 

They never find the man and they were all clueless of what had just happened. 

The next morning, there was news that a guy was shot in the head at around 2:00 AM by an unknown man riding a dirt bike.

The Three

 *The three friends have their own family now. One of them has passed away due to a disease.

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Written by   74
2 months ago
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