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Silence Please (The End)

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1 month ago

(Final Episode)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

For quite some time, Jane hasn't heard of Anthony. Nathan then tries to communicate with Jane to have news about what’s going on between them. 

“Anthony has totally disappeared, what do you think.” Jane speaks to Nathan on the phone. 

“It’s been three months now, what do you think could be the reason why he hasn’t been here?” Continued Jane. 

“He might be busy right now. Why don’t you try calling him.” Replied Nathan.

“I don’t have his number”. Said Jane. 

“So frustrating. You guys are playing hard to get for those times. How many years have you seen each other now? Next time I will ask his number for you.” Nathan answered a little annoyed. 

“No, don’t do that. I’ve decided… Next time he comes I’m going to tell him how I feel.” Replied Jane with great expectations.  

One day at the library, while Jane was sitting on the front desk with her head down doing something. A book handed down on the desk.

“From here to eternity”, as she saw it then she smiled slowly raising her head to see who brought the book back and to her surprise, it was Anthony’s wife together with his five years old daughter. 

“I’m returning this book,” the wife said. 

Jane then confused for a moment. 

“Anthony passed away. He died of bone cancer. If you are free tomorrow please come.” The wife continued and then left. 

Nathan and Jane were shocked by what they heard while Jane was still feeling frustrated. Nathan then taps Jane’s shoulder and gives Jane a moment. She remains sitting looking at the book, she then opens it and hovers her hand on Anthony's name written on the borrower's card, then tears fall down to the card on Anthony’s name. As she flipped off the card, she noticed there's a letter on it from Anthony. She wasn’t expecting it and started to read.

“This is probably the last message I’ll get to write to you. Thank you so much for everything and I’m sorry I didn’t come to say goodbye in person. Everything just happened so fast and I didn’t want you to worry. But I did want to tell you again that… Despite the fact that we talked very little, I could always hear your thoughts. Hope then you heard mine as well. – Anthony. 

P.S. Thanks for recommending the last good book of my life.

It was then that Jane realized that all the books Anthony borrowed might have letters for her behind the borrowers card. She ran around the library and gathered all the books Anthony had borrowed. She gathered all the borrowers cards and to her surprise all the cards had a letter behind the back. She laid down all the borrowers cards on the floor in order and started to weep. She was so broke.  

Jane then started reading all the letters from Anthony behind every borrower's card. 

“Thank you for playing checkers with me and keeping me company… though I

have to say my daughter plays better that you, (laughs) – Anthony.”  

“My daughter really likes you. She talks about you all the time. If you ever leave your job, I’m going to hire you as a nanny –Anthony.” 

“I just found out today that I’m going to be a father. My head is spinning but I’m excited too. I don’t know why but you were the first person I wanted to share this news with – Anthony.” 

“I haven’t seen you smile. Are you still sad about your boyfriend? You should read this book. I think it might help – Anthony.” 

“You didn’t call. Of course, you have a boyfriend. That’s alright. I’ll just keep coming to borrow books from the library so I can see you. 

P.S. I really like the lipstick you wore today.– Anthony”. 

Jane cries out loud while remembering Anthony’s memories.  

“Hello there, I’m the weird guy you met the other day. Thank you for helping me find this book. I wanted to repay you back then by asking you to dinner.  But I saw that noise is prohibited in the library, so I thought I’d write to you here instead. If ever you are interested in a free meal, call me at this number. I’ll be reading this book while awaiting your call –Anthony”

Jane then grabs her phone trying to call the number written on the card while weeping.

“Anthony, this is Jane” Hoping that Anthony will pick up the phone but no one answered on the line. Jane can’t help herself but to cry in deep anguish and brokenness.

“I wish my thoughts had voices to sound themselves to you. Wish you could read what is true within my heart. For you to know I love you, though nobody wants to hear when I say. So I stay away. But what is hidden in my heart. Can you hear it fall apart in saying ``I love you.” 

 **** The End ******* 

I hope you enjoyed reading this story. I’m sorry if I made you cry or if not at least it you can relate to some part of this. I just want to share my thoughts about this. You know if you have something in mind or things you feel. Show it. Do not be afraid. At least from the very start you have to express your feelings towards anything. In the end we might regret the words left unspoken.

Thank you for your time.

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Written by   75
1 month ago
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