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Silence Please (Out with the old, in with the new)

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Episode 3

As Nathan stood up, he saw at the main door Anthony closing his umbrella. 

He then lifts Jane up and they both are in awe to wait for Anthony to be near the front desk while Nathan softly whispers to Jane, “Out with the old, in with the new”.  

Anthony then smiles at them and Nathan waves a hi, then suddenly a beautiful girl with straight long hair appears to be with Anthony. The two friends were both shocked by what they saw. Jane felt a little frustration. Anthony now approaches the front desk with Jane standing still in an uncomfortable appearance, with hairs mess up and a little lousy shirt. 

Anthony laid down the book he borrowed on the front desk while the girl with her directly goes to the book shelf to find books to borrow. Anthony then followed the girl. 

“My God, bad timing”, Nathan speaks in dismay. 

“They might be friends”. Jane answered. Jane then simply looks at Anthony and the girl while they are both scanning some books and chit-chatting. 

As days went by Anthony and the girl always went to the library together to borrow books to read for almost a year.  Nathan and Jane then didn’t know what’s the real score between Anthony and the girl. Until one day Anthony borrowed a book together with the girl. The book was titled, “Getting married”.  

“It’s kind of weird. What kind of a man dating his girlfriend to the library? Is he son of Shakespeare? It’s boring. I bet they will be over in a couple of months." Said Nathan, a little disappointed. 

Nine months later Anthony went to the library again with the girl and they were astonished by what they saw. The girl was pregnant and appears to be married. 

Jane and Nathan witnessed the love story of Anthony and his wife all through the years. As they are always going to the library almost every month. 

Two years later Anthony and his wife now bring their daughter to the library. Nathan then had a boyfriend.  

Three years have passed…

Anthony was playing board games with her daughter at the library. They were having fun then her wife came in. 

“Janie, let’s go home. Come to mommy”. Said Anthony’s wife. 

“Has she eaten?” The wife said.   

“She’s all good”, replied Anthony. 

Janie then hugs her father saying if they can play again next week. Anthony agreed and he kissed her daughter goodbye while Janie was in tears. Anthon’s wife then held her daughters arms to leave as he watched his wife and daughter leaving, while there was a man waiting at the door and Anthony couldn’t help himself but to cry. 

To be continued...

Episode 4

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Written by   75
2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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