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Silence Please (Broken)

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1 month ago
Topics: Series, Romance, Blog, Reading

(Episode 2)

One week later.

“Hurry, hurry up!”, shouted Nathan to Jane while she arrived at the library with her bike. 

“He is leaving'' Nathan continued in excitement. 

Jane then rushed to the glass door to go inside and check what was the cause of Nathan's uneasiness. When she got inside she then saw Anthony reading a book beside the book shelf.  

Jane then turned back to Nathan in awe and said, “How do I look sis?”.  

“Didn’t someone photocopy your face in black and white, you are freaking out. Color your lips'' Nathan said. 

Jane took her lip color and mirror from her bag and added some color to her lips and facing Nathan showing her lips, Nathan then nodded confirming that she is good. She now goes to the front desk while fixing her appearance. 

Anthony handed her the book, returning it over the front desk, Jane then handed over the book to Nathan beside her while staring at Anthony like she was hypnotized. Anthony then again has another book to borrow, titled “Someone like you”.  Jane, still looking at Anthony. Staring at him face to face with their eyes trying to read what’s on their mind for about ten seconds.  

The silence breaks when Jane’s phone rang, ‘twas a phone call then from the name Darling. Jane quickly covered her phone with her left hand but then Anthony saw an engagement ring on her finger. Jane, feeling embarrassed, handed over the book to Anthony right on his face.  Anthony, with a little disappointment, grabs the book then leaves.  

“You are cursed! Go get some merit”, Nathan jokingly said to his friend. 

One rainy afternoon, Nathan was shocked when suddenly Jane came into the library with her suitcase and then appeared to be broken. Jane was screaming and crying. Nathan then comforted her. 

“That's karma for you, you guys are about to get married.” Nathan said while they were sitting at the floor inside the front desk.  

“All these days, he told me that the girl was just his friend,”. Confessed Jane. 

“I’m such an idiot”. While Jane removed the ring from her hand, she cried. 

“Stop it, let me tell you this. All men are the same, they are bad.” Said Nathan.  

“If men were good, I wouldn’t stop myself being a gay. Good thing you bought your things. You can stay at my house tonight. Don’t be sad”. Nathan continues while giving comfort to Jane. 

“Now let’s go to work,” He said. 

To be continued…

Episode 3

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Written by   74
1 month ago
Topics: Series, Romance, Blog, Reading
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