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Silence Please

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2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)

This is one of my favorite touching stories. I will narrate this in my own words. If you know the story you can share a comment below.

It was an ordinary day for Jane, the library staff. While she was returning books to the bookshelf a piece of paper was handed to her with writings “A midsummer night’s dream. She then get the piece of paper to check the book without noticing who handed the paper. The man followed her behind, as soon as he found the book she handed it over to the man and the man opened the book and checked. 

Jane was looking at the man's hand while he flipped every page of the book, then as she looked through the man’s face she was quite attracted to the man's good appearance. There

was a mole below his right eye, a little moustache and beard. When the man looked at her she was a little clumsy and turned her face away from the man. The man smile at her and she shyly smiled back. 

She then returned back to the front desk, her gay friend,, Nathan, was there sitting doing encoding task in the computer. 

“Can you check this one for me please?” Jane softly whispers to Nathan while the man approaches the front desk. 

“Hello”, Nathan greeted with a smile.

“Do you have a library card?”. Nathan then asked Jane from behind simply looking at the man.

“No, I don’t have one”, the man replied. 

“Please fill out this form. May I have your ID please”, Nathan asked then returned back to Jane holding the ID card. 

“I can’t tell you whether his gay or not, but in my head he had me already”, uttered softly by Nathan.  

Jane then put the date on the borrower’s card and the man wrote his name, “Anthony Reed”. Anthony glanced at Jane and smiled, Jane then shyly smiled but not looking at Anthony’s face. 

“Here is your card”, Nathan handed to Anthony joyfully and offered his lollipop.

“No, thank you.” Replied Anthony and then left. 

The two friends looked at the man towards the door, with romantic excitement.

“You may never see him again, why didn’t you ask for his number?” Said Nathan in dismay.

“He will have to return the book right?” Replied Jane with a smile on her face.

To be continued...

Episode 2

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Written by   75
2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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