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1 month ago

Episode 6

One week later, Carl decided to see Melissa again. He couldn’t help himself but to miss Melissa. He then tried to answer all the questions running through his mind. What if it was not Melissa’s boyfriend, a brother or cousin perhaps.

Carl has a very sensitive feeling, he is vulnerable inside. Perhaps because he doesn’t have an idea of what it is to be loved and then broke.

 So there he goes again after battling with his heart and mind.

“Melissa!” Carl was standing at a waiting shed beside the main gate of the Campus as he called her name.

“Hey! Carl!” Exclaimed Melissa with a joyful smile on her face upon seeing Carl.

Carl was feeling uneasy again, as if it was the first time he met Melissa. His heart beats faster. Melissa was even prettier than before. Her eyes were sparkling.

“Oh God, how could I ever forget this girl?” “Ok, calm down and relax.” Carl murmuring to himself.

“What was that?” Melissa asked.

“Ah, No! I, uh-uhm… Yes! I mean why are you alone, where are you friends?” Said Carl in a stammering voice.

“They left earlier with their boyfriends.”  Replied Melissa.

Upon hearing Melissa’s answer, Carl was celebrating and exclaiming inside. It was perfect timing again. 

“Come on let’s have lunch. I’m sure you are not having your lunch yet.” Said Melissa then immediately grabbed Carl's arms and went to the pavement and stopped a cab.

Carl was speechless and seemed manipulated by Melissa. They were heading to Treaters.

“I haven’t seen you for a while. What were you up to?” Asked Melissa to Carl while they were inside the cab.

“I was kind of busy with our research for the past few days, you know we are preparing for our thesis.” Replied Carl.

If only Melissa would know the real reason why he was not showing up for a couple of days. 

“Oh really, you must be very busy, huh?” Replied Melissa while looking at Carl and smiling. 

They reached the restaurant and ordered their food. The usual conversation while they were eating their lunch. 

Carl never dares to question Melissa of what he saw last week. He just let it pass and forget about it.

He was always looking at Melissa while they were eating lunch then Melissa would notice him. 

“What? Is there something on my face?” Ask Melissa.

Carl just smiled and held some tissue then wiping some sauce messed in Melissa’s lips. 

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Written by   67
1 month ago
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