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Perfect Timing (Melissa)

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“Melissa!” Uttered Carl in a soft tone of voice.

“Oh! Carl, It’s you. Why are you here? I mean what are you doing here?” Melissa surprisingly exclaimed and then smiled. 

Melissa was a petite girl, with soft white skin, straight black shoulder length hair and with resemblance to Hollywood actress Rachel Leigh Cook when the actress was just a teenage girl.

(Photo owned by the Author)

“I, ah, uhm… I went to visit my classmate at the registrar’s office in your campus.”  Carl started to tremble and stutteringly replied. 

But the real reason for him to go there was to see Melissa and not his classmate because he wanted to be with Melissa on the bus ride again going home and expecting to get to know more of her. Just like the day they first met on the bus.

“By the way Carl, meet my classmates, my best friends in fact. Carl, this is Denise and Rita. Guys meet Carl.” Said Melissa.

“Hi Carl!” The two girls greeted Carl in chorus then looked at each other like giggling then to Melissa with their eyes like wanting to say something exciting.

Carl was a Moreno guy, stands five feet and five inches tall, a not so good looking guy but his strong jawline and his shallow dimple on his right cheek makes him look more attractive.

“Hi Denise! Hi Rita!” Replied Carl with a little clumsy feeling and then half smiled revealing his dimple.

“We are out of class but hey, would you like to join us at Jerry’s. Rita’s boyfriend is out there waiting. Come with us.” Asked Melissa while holding Carl to his forearm.

“Oh, yes! Sure, why not.” Replied Carl in a very enthusiastic remark. 

Carl feels like it was a good timing when he went to see Melissa. He was celebrating inside and shouting to his mind and heart as if he was really sure of his feelings.

The four of them ride a Jeepney and head to Jerry’s Pizza. The newest Pizza house in the city and became popular because of their thin crust Pizza.

Rita’s boyfriend was already at Jerry’s sitting at a table in the corner when they arrived in less than fifteen minutes. 

Melissa then introduced Carl to Rita’s boyfriend.

“Is he your new boyfriend Liz?” Asked Rene, Rita’s boyfriend. 

“No, I just met Carl the other day and found out that he is also living in the same place where I live. We are just friends.” Explained Melissa.

Denise and Rita were chuckling while looking at Carl and to Melissa. 

To be continued…


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Written by   67
1 month ago
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