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Paniki Attacked

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2 months ago

We were inside the church to attend mass. All of a sudden while the mass is ongoing, bats fly and attack the people inside the church.

The people inside the church panicked and went outside. My wife and daughter ran and went outside too. What I did was to lay down so the bats would not notice me. Some people do as I did and a big guy was doing the same beside me. He was attacked by bats and me too. I was bitten on my right palm. I grabbed the bat and pulled. 

My right palm bled and the skin was peeled. He flew back again and bit my left palm. This time I was pissed off and grabbed it and crushed its head by my right hand while it was biting my left palm until it was dead. I threw it on the church floor and hurriedly went out  together with some other people inside. 

When i was outside the church, I looked for my wife and daughter but they weren't there. I called their name but no one answered. I looked beside the church  but they were not there too.

I went back in front of the church but it was already closed. I went near and looked inside because the door was not locked. There are no more people inside. I called their name and shouted two times saying that I was looking for them for quite some time. Still no answer from them but instead I hear a voice from the inside like it was coming from a priest and he just repeats what I just said. But then again my wife and daughter were not there.

I felt sad and lonely as if they already had left me. However I still looked for them for quite long and when I felt hopeless I just sat beside the church.

After some time I saw my wife and daughter coming from a distance. They have food. I ran and met them. I was so happy, I hugged both of them and said that I was so worried that I'd been looking for them for so long. I thought they had already left me for real.

*They were still beside me when I woke up.

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Written by   74
2 months ago
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