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Opportunity And Sacrifice

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2 months ago

Lisa was the third child of Mary and Rex, next to Raven. She was a silent type girl when she was a kid, she knows how to settle things in their household. Even if she  was young, you can tell that she has a good character and no complaints about whatever task her mother would want her to do. Contrary to that of Jimmy.

Due to hard living, Jimmy's parents can’t  afford to send their five children to school simultaneously. 

So, Mary decided to send Lisa to Girls Town to spend her high school there free of charge. Back in the 80’s Boys Town/Girls Town was an institution who took care of street children and gave hope to poor families who are not capable of sending their kids to school. It was founded by a Roman Catholic American Priest who has charity programs for orphans in Korea, Philippines and Mexico. 

Mary was more of a religious woman. She devoted herself to attending Sunday Mass and joined in every pastoral activity. The local priest had known Mary very well, until one day the priest announced that the Boys Town/Girls Town facilitator will be going to their Barangay to offer free schooling for kids who wish to continue their high school at the institution. Mary and her friends and “kumares” in the Barangay were very happy with the good news. She was very excited to tell the news to her husband Rex.

The local Priest announced that the screening will be on Saturday night, 6PM at the small church in their Barangay. 

Mary then went to the church with hopes that her daughter would pass the screening. Parents gathered inside the church together with their children. Even families who’s status in life were higher than that of Mary’s were trying to avail themselves of free education. The facilitators were already there and were starting their screening when Mary and Lisa arrived.

Questions asked were just simple, like how many siblings in the family, parents occupation and if the house was owned or rented.

There was a kid screened and was asked, she told the facilitators that they have TV sets, Fridge, owned a house and her father was a police officer. Surely the kids were not admitted.

Lisa was fortunate enough to enter the institution. She will spend her high school at the institution in four straight years. Mary was overwhelmed and even if it was hard for her, she will do it just to have a good future for her children. 

This is based on a true story. Names has been changed for privacy protection.

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Written by   74
2 months ago
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