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1 month ago

Looking outside the bus window, Carl was sitting beside the window going home from school. The sit beside him on his left was empty. The bus stopped beside a catholic church. Passengers came in off the bus at the back door. Carl was busy looking at the people at the park when somebody sat on the vacant sit beside him. Carl glanced to his left to check who sat beside him. 

“Melissa!” Carl silently exclaimed. His heart beats fast. He was uneasy. For a couple of minutes, he was thinking of a punch line that might break the silence. The bus was full and then go. He can’t believe that his crush was sitting beside him on a bus ride traveling to their place from school for an hour. Melissa doesn’t know Carl, but Carl has been seeing Melissa for a several  times in their local town and sometimes in the city where they both enrolled at the same University. The bus has been traveling for about fifteen minutes. Some passengers were standing at the bus aisle as there were no vacant seats, besides it was already late at night and commuting was kind of hard if he was going home late, that’s why some passengers tend to hitchhike even if the bus was already full. 

“Mmm… Melissa right?” Carl awkwardly uttered while facing Melissa. 

“Yeah, Melissa. How do you know my name?” Melissa replied in a little bit curious. 

“Uhm, I have been seeing you for a while at the campus and I… I… uhmm… I saw your picture at the registrar's office. You know my classmate is working as an SA in your campus, that’s how I get your name.” Carl said with a little guilt.

“Oh, so you must be keeping an eye on me for not quite long huh?” Melissa, replied with a grin looking at Carl’s hand still shaking with Melissa's hands.

Carl was kind of clumsy then immediately retreated. They both smiled and laughed. They felt confident in each other and started conversation while the bus was on its way to their place. They talked about current trends. Their point of views about life. Likes and dislikes. A usual getting to know you has been  the process in the next forty minutes of bus travel. It was like they have known each other for a long time. Past 10:00 PM when the bus arrived at the terminal. Carl was still hesitant about his move. 

“So, I’m going this way. ” Carl said to Melissa.

“And me this way.” Replied Melissa with a smile.

“Nice meeting you.”  He said.

“Same here.“ Replied Melissa and then called a cab then leave.

To be continued…

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Written by   74
1 month ago
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