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Lunch Out (Melissa)

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1 month ago

Episode 3

Carl was always keeping an eye on Melissa, he always looked to Melissa at the campus even if she didn't see Carl. His day is complete just by seeing Melissa at a distance.

There are times that Carl would just pass by and stop for a moment just to watch Melissa while having chit-chat with her friends. Laughing and smiling. That would make Carl’s heart melt.

Oftentimes, Carl would just stand by at the bus terminal in the distance. He will have in mind of the hours Melissa will go to the bus terminal going to school. By doing so, he already knew Melissa's schedule. The time of the day she goes to the terminal and her class hours.

Carl was somewhat vigilant to Melissa and more like of stalking her but with good intentions. He would always surprise Melissa with her unexpected presence. Little did Melissa know that Carl was already aware of Melissa's class schedules. So, Carl knew what time of the day Melissa will be free.

It was Carl's class lunch break, he went to Melissa because he knew that it was Melissa's vacant time. Melissa was sitting under a large tree reading books.

“Melissa!” Uttered Carl softly from behind.

“Oh, Hi Carl.” Replied Melissa as she turned back.

“I.. uh…. I am on break. Maybe I can take you to lunch.” Ask Carl but not expect Melissa's approval.

“Yes, Sure! I was about to have my lunch alone.” Replied Melissa with no hesitation.

“What about your friends.” Said Carl.

“Never mind them, Denise is absent and Rita’s is with her boyfriend. I’m not sure where they go. They didn’t tell me.” Explained Melissa.

“So where are you going to take me?” Continued Melissa.

“A… I, I don’t know. Maybe somewhere near. Haha!” Carl was rejoicing upon hearing Melissa's remarks.

“Oh, wait. I think I know a place. Come on. Let’s go.” Said Melissa to Carl.

They rode a Jeepney and had some chit-chat while going to “Treaters' restaurant.

“Come let’s get inside.” Melissa invited Carl

“I haven’t been here before. It seems like you always hang out here.” Replied Carl

“Yes, a couple of times.” Melissa joyfully responded.

They ate lunch together. Carl was very happy then. He always looked at Melissa's pretty face and in the eye. Melissa would then feel awkward and shy. 

Carl would tell Melissa jokes and punchlines that would make her laugh. He always makes Melissa laugh. That would give him a good score on Melissa. 

They have been having lunch together a couple of times, even watching movies or attending mass. Sometimes they would go out with Denise, Rita and Rene. The usual treat  at Jerrys Pizza. 

To be continued...

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Written by   67
1 month ago
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