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I'm Alone

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1 month ago

Every company requires their employees for a physical/medical examination upon hiring. It is also a requirement to have their regular employees undergo physical examination annually. 

I went out the other day to go for an annual physical examination. You know going out these days is kind of different now as you have a lot of things to consider before you go somewhere within or outside the city. You need to make sure that you have all the things carried just like going to a battle. Face mask, face shield, disinfectant quarantine pass and everything that can hinder the virus.

Transportation is kind of hard as fewer public utility vehicles are on the road. There is also no direct route unless you will take a grab or taxi to go to your destination. Every public transportation has a barrier. That is the new normal to see inside when you hop in. 

The medical clinic was not really far from my area and it could only take me 30 minutes during the days without pandemic. However it took me two hours now to go there because of this health crisis.

I have to walk and pass by this avenue as it was the short cut to the clinic. I am not surprised by this train railway construction even if the last time I went here was not like this. It's just that I feel strange because almost no vehicle was passing even if the road was not closed. The man in front was walking forward in perhaps the same direction I was going to.

As I approached the malls I took some photos of the landmarks. As you can see fewer vehicles outside means fewer people going in the building even if it is at the middle of the day or supposed to be the normal office hours. 

I walked through the pathway which connects the two opposite large malls and when I reached the platform this is what I saw, an empty pathway. I feel so alone, strange and creepy. I remember the zombie and outbreak movies I used to watch. I said to myself this is real and it was like all of a sudden zombies will come rushing from the other end. 

I felt like what had happened to us or maybe this is really going to happen, it is a part of history. I just feel a quick depression about what will happen to humanity if the pandemic will continue to rise.

I looked to the right and took a snap of ongoing construction. Fewer people are working and perhaps this will take long before it will be finished. I remember the news before that this is expected to be finished by 2020 and look at it now. 

I also took a few photos outside the mall's recreation area and felt like there was sadness in this carousel. 

When will this end? How long do we have to wait? Is this the new normal?

But anyway I have reached my destination and somehow have done the examination. So far there was no sign of health risk in me and I am thankful that me and my family are safe.

Thank you for reading and I hope you gain some insight in this article. Keep safe and always be cautious. 

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Written by   74
1 month ago
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That's good to know that there were no signs of anything that would put your health at risk. Be safe always ❤

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1 month ago