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Hidden Thoughts And Alibis (Melissa)

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1 month ago

Episode 4

It was always unpredictable for Melissa every time Carl showed up. It’s like Carl was of a mushroom that just suddenly popped out of nowhere.

Melissa was not expecting that Carl would be always waiting for her at the bus terminal going to school, or even outside their school campus.

One day Carl was going to school, he then goes directly to the bus terminal and gets inside the bus waiting to be full. 

Carl was sitting in the back seat near the rear door of the bus. He was scanning his notebook and reviewing some notes.

The bus was half full. Normally the bus would leave even if there were few passengers because buses have their time schedules of travelling to the next province. It was then that the bus will be passing by the University and the fastest way of commuting that is why students studying on the next district preferred buses.

“Melissa!?” Whispered Carl to himself and was surprised.

He saw Melissa enter the front door. Carl knew that Melissa didn't have class today but why was she on the bus and with a guy with her. She was not wearing her school uniform either. The guy looks older than Carl, with beards and moustache. The two sit in front near the driver. Carl then hid behind the back seat in front of him so Melissa will not know.

“Who is that guy? Why is Melissa with him? Is he her Boyfriend?” Carl was puzzled and talking to himself. 

So many questions. He was confused. What is going on?

Of the two months that they were together. Carl wasn’t able to question Melissa if she has a boyfriend nor did Melissa to Carl.

But they were having a mutual understanding during those days. It was more like words left unspoken. But in their actions they were more like having an understanding of their feelings.

The bus went on. He decided to sneak on Melissa, his usual way of stalking her. 

The bus stopped at the next city. Melissa and the guy went out and Carl started spying on her. They went inside the mall. Carl was just a distant behind. Keenly observing Melissa’s moves. The two just walk along strolling.

“If the guy is her boyfriend, why then they are not holding their hands?” Said Carl to himself.

Melissa and the guy went inside an amusement area. Carl was still keeping an eye of them. 

They played with some games and rides. Carl was just watching but hurting inside. He cannot take anymore of the scene. He decided to just leave and went to school as he was about to be late on his first class that day.

To be continued…

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Written by   74
1 month ago
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