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1 month ago

Who else still plays this board games these days?

My daughter always wanted to play chess with me when I am at home on rest days. Even If I don’t want to, she will beg for me.

Jane:  “Pa, laro tayo chess.” (Poppa, let’s play chess)

Me:  “May gagawin ako, bebe.” (I have something else to do my dear)

Jane: “Sige na papa, kahit isa lang.” (Just once Poppa, please)

Me: “Sige, isa lang ha.” (Okay, Just once)

I would make my tone of voice like for strict compliance (LOL) for I know her style that after one game, she will request for a second round, then third and fourth and so on until I cannot do the things I wanted to do.

I bought this board game three years ago and taught my kids how to play chess. I am not good at playing this type of game, I just know how to play it.

My son finds it a little boring, perhaps because there are several games he have liked to play, particularly those of Mobile and PC games. Although there is already software for this game.

I kept thinking to myself, why would this kid want to play this board even if she has almost every type of game installed in her tablet. 

I also observed her skills in playing chess that it almost took us 30 minutes to finish a game, she was carefully thinking of her moves. At first I will let her win but somehow made me think that if I will do it always like that she will never think of why she won.

So, whenever she asks me to play chess, I play like she has the same level as I do. I was surprised that she’s almost near to defeating me.

I know as she grows older, I would definitely be defeated by her in this game.

To all parents and soon to be parents, make sure you will attend to your kids request if they asked you to play with them. Sometimes I regret that I have refused to play with them. So, always attend to kids' requests, particularly playing. Not only that we build close relationships with them, kids' life happens only once in every person's life. I don’t remember playing with my father when I was a kid, but I do remember how my father worked hard for our own good.

Let’s always have time to play with our kids while they are able to play with us. Time flies so fast, let’s make the most precious time with them while they are young.

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Written by   69
1 month ago
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