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1 month ago

The scriptures say, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” Ironically science does not just believe without seeing any proof.

There was once a story about an idiot who visited the doctor to consult of some health concerns. He said that he was feeling bad for a couple of days and he wanted to know what was happening to him.

That Doctor asked him a couple of questions, checked his BP and did some standard procedures. Then the Doctor got a piece of paper, wrote something on it and gave it to the man and said, “Here, drink this 3 times everyday for 1 month. After you have consumed it go back here.”

The man went home holding the piece of paper with hopes that it will make him feel good. 

After a month the man goes back to the Doctor to tell him that what the Doctor had given him makes him feel better.

The man said to the Doctor in awe that he is okay now and no more feeling of anxiousness. 

The Doctor was pleased with the man’s news and the Doctor asked him, “Did you follow what I have said the last time?” 

The man replied in great exhilaration, “Yes Doctor, it was just easy tearing the piece of paper into small pieces then drink it 3 times a day for 1 month. As you can see I am feeling great.”


What do you think makes the man cured? Was it the piece of paper he takes as a pill or his own belief in that piece of paper that he will be cured?

Sometimes we just have to believe to make things happen. To make all things possible. It’s just like believing in yourself of what you can do. 

Positive thinking

We should always think positively in almost everything. Any decisions you make, you should think of a good result. 


Whatever comes in your way no one can stop you because you have the courage to do it. As for the story I have shared, the man was determined to consume it in 1 month so it makes him fine in the end.

Funny how it seems but somehow makes sense. We might not know the power of believing somehow we just have to try to make it happen.

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Written by   71
1 month ago
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