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As Though Unaffected (Melissa)

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1 month ago

Episode 5

“Why am I feeling this way? No, I am not jealous? Who am I, I have no right. Besides she is not my girlfriend or me her boyfriend either.” Talking to himself while on a Jeepney ride to the university.

Carl was hurt. He can’t deny it. He wasn’t expecting what had just happened. But why was he acting like a little boy that had been his favorite toy stolen.

He was so upset that day. He didn’t even talk to his classmate friend Marlon.

“Hey bro, you have been freaking out the whole day. What is happening to you. You even got busted by our professor in Psychology.” Said Marlon to Carl.

“Oh really, damn those emotions. Those reports, sucks. I was prepared bro but then it just turned out to be screwed.” Replied Carl to Marlon in a disgusting manner.

“Come on, tell me. Was it about Melissa? You've been acting strange bro and it’s obvious.” Said Marlon.

Carl has not been in any relationships before and he was like a clumsy guy. If by chance, Melissa would be his first girlfriend. He is now graduating in college and never had a girlfriend and never attempted to court any girls in their school campus nor in their place.

Aside from being clumsy, he was also a type of guy who never dared to look at girls even the girls were seeking attention from him.

Marlon was Carl’s classmate since their first year in college and became his friend. He would tell Marlon about Melissa often.

“No, it’s not about her.” Replied Carl in a guilty voice.

“I know you bro. I can see it in your eyes. Don’t lie to me. Come on, tell me something. Perhaps I can be of help.” Said Marlon.

Carl then told Marlon the whole story of what he saw about Melissa earlier that morning with a feeling of disgust and disappointment.

“I thought you too have already an understanding. She doesn’t have a boyfriend right?” Ask Marlon in a confusing manner.

“You might see us acting very sweet and caring to each other but I have not  told her that I adore her much, that I wanted to be her boyfriend. I have not asked her if she had a boyfriend either. And now I'm feeling this way. I’m stupid bro.” Explained Carl to his friend.

Carl has decided not to see Melissa for a couple of days even if she knew that Carl would be waiting at the bus terminal and outside the university campus.

To be continued...

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Written by   75
1 month ago
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