Converting a Traditional Drawing to Digital

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11 months ago

Hello everyone, after several days I managed to finish this drawing in digital in total were 4 days to finish it, after watching several videos about digital drawing, on various topics especially on faces, I got this result, I still have much to learn in this way of digital art.

The realization of this drawing came to my mind because of the portrait that I had done days ago and I liked the result although the proportions of the face are not the real ones, this was the drawing that I converted to digital, I only used the face as a guide, the hair is not the same.

Traditional Drawing


I started with layers adding a pink color for the skin using the brush, then using the airbrush for the shadows caused by the skin.

For the eyes it was a battle because I was not getting the proportions that was, I had done one which is the green color and when I was going for the other eye it was not coming out at all, but this was the result and I continued with the other elements.

I added a black background and then I made the hair with neon tones using two colors, making each strand and placing darker tones at the end.

The program I used to make this drawing was Medibang Bang and I used the tablet that I had mentioned a few days ago, it is called Huion H430P.

I hope you like it, thanks.

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11 months ago