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The role played by to adopt and embrace Bitcoin Cash in Africa.

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Knowledge is the fuel that drives the humanity desires, achievements and to embrace, adopt and transmit those experiences acquired is needed freedom.

it's good to have knowledge on us but the same knowledge can have less power when we don't freedom to express it, learn, embrace, adopt Bitcoin Cash on

We live in constant evolution where humanity is invited to combat daily problems and face them with knowledge and astute intelligence that could save us or gain more time trying to fix what's wrong in our daily challenges.

Africa like any other continent have troubles that could be faced by knowledge on the matter and different from other parts of the globe in the African continent people are slowly getting tired of they corrupted governments and searching for better ways to "escape" and increase they source of income that could give a better solution to combat the unemployment, poverty and grant a better lifestyle to their future descendants.

The young Africans are looking more to evolute their ideas and are studying more, applying for scholarships overseas that could overcome poverty and also empower them to face problems caused coming from that condition! Many Africans have knowledge to transmit ideas but not all countries have the same freedom necessary to expand this ideas and is here where play a huge role to adopt, embrace, and be able to teach more what is and how the asset could benefit the Africans!

What benefits offer!

There are tons of crypto based platform around the globe that claim to promote decentralized assets, but many fail in deliver accurate Intel and how they will actually make that happen. Despite being useful platforms and may also good sources of income they don't do what do:

Oh don't get it wrong, don't have limited offers and with Africans onboard adoption of Bitcoin Cash will be imminent.
  • differently from other Blockchain based blogging platform reward with Bitcoin Cash, a really electronic cash P2P Cash payment with really value well positioned in CoinMarketCap.

  • promote a space where the Bitcoin Cash community can discuss, embrace, adopt ways to spread the word about the asset

  • promote a space that content creator reward astonishing quality content, and the blog platform is conducted by the community

  • promote the expansion to more parts of the globe the knowledge about Bitcoin cash

  • offer opportunity to anyone to create their own community to share ideas, plans of development, or merely chats that can improve more the Bitcoin Cash community in different locations around the world.

  • At differently from other blogging platforms the source of income could come from participation on the website activities, rewarding for basically everything the member's not just a platform it's a wonderful community.

Using what already prepared to the community will be easy to make Africans to get more knowledge about Bitcoin Cash and how to benefit from the environment surrounding it. It's known that Africans are connected to social media spending not less than 5 hours browsing those platforms with no reward, incentive to do that at all, they just spend energy and money with it!

So, how to bring them to learn about Bitcoin Cash on!

The task won't be easy as many can still offer some resistance to what is new and despite we talk, we believe, adopt, embrace, Crypto still a unknown world to many of them!

But, like I say nothing is that difficult when you believe you are making the difference on the world!

My tactic: share my own Articles accross my local social media profiles and drive attention to

Bringing this young Africans won't be a difficult task but will need some efforts to explain what they will face and how to benefit from in order to mass adopt Bitcoin Cash in the African Continent. The joy on this is that any African country can have a specific Community just to learn about Bitcoin Cash in their own Language, that can be the official one or their native dialect!

every African Community can communicate in own language, know the advantage and benefit from local markets to exchange goods for Bitcoin Cash.

There's still plenty of room to evolution of Bitcoin Cash in Africa and after successful thinking I realized that we can just use to make more Africans to be connected to learn, adopt and embrace Bitcoin Cash with all the teachings can apply directly on the African market!

Thanks to @Telesfor who made me realize how is important and besides promoting the platform outside, also inside ecosystem offer space that can drive more attention to Africans and as consequence take it to adopt Bitcoin cash in the African soil.

#avoid to be part of the statistics of COVID-19, stay Home.

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Well even team says that the goal from this platform is to make as many people as possible use BCH. And so far it's working good. There are still few problems and some work to do but it's on the right track.

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7 months ago

Yes the platform is a good way to spread the word about the BCH, now it's our duty to make it happen on our locations and this I consider my honour task, great things are coming from my site!

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7 months ago

You are right. good luck with your plans. I guess you are doing well so far. Best wishes.

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7 months ago


$ 0.00
7 months ago

Liked the article.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Thanks for the compliment👍

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7 months ago