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SmartBCH chronicles: the raise of the MOONX4 token

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1 month ago

That the SmartBCH side-chain is a part of Bitcoin Cash that will make furor no one doubt, with its quality tones on any project the community admires rising to the next level every step that's adds a tonic to ensure the side-chain will literally be explosive in times to come.

When in July 2021, by chance on the last day of the month, if I'm not mistaken, the sidechain was officially launched, doubts hovered above, of course, after all, most were laypeople in the field and didn't even have in mind: 'What would this same DeFi in Bitcoin Cash.

But, quickly the ecosystem evolved and little by little projects appeared, triggering curiosity about the side-chain and very quickly top projects such as BenSwap, the first DEX Exchange in the Smart Bitcoin Cash chain and the most famous token of the time gave the air of its grace and deepened even more the greed for this space that, today, assures itself so crucial for the evolution of Bitcoin Cash and definitively secure its deserved place in the crypto space.

The SmartBCH space

It's funny that, for sure, many people had a lot of reticence about the project and with time they realize that it was an asset to the evolution of Bitcoin Cash without having to depend on the common market for trading cryptocurrencies.

As the side-chain SmartBCH is a network of Smart Contracts where DeFi (decentralized finance) projects can be on its way out, it may well develop separately from the common market for active crypto because it has its own business ecosystem. where everything is paid using the currency and at the same time reducing the supply as part of the fees will be burned and another will serve as an incentive for the validators of the network.

In its evolution time, several products were created as decentralized asset trading spaces such as BenSwap, MistSwap DEX, Muesliswap Dex, 1BCH etc, important tokens such as $CATS, $EBEN, $FlexUSD and 47 other currencies were established in SmartBCH not only,

Dapps such as the checkbook, or even the BCHPAD were also established, which plays a leading role for the decentralized system at SmartBCH, but what really makes the difference in the side-chain is the creation of projects from scratch and put them on the wave of success.

Moonx4 token (MMMM)

Funny isn't it, how some projects evolve! This one is no different from many coin memes except for its purpose in the market, the continuing yearning to always be mooning.

That's right, the MoonX4 project only has one purpose as a product in the cryptocurrency trading market on SmartBCH, to always continue to beat the price record and continue to evolve in that direction. Only a few days on the market and with only 1000 units available the token is one of the most valuable in the Bitcoin Cash decentralized finance market and has already reached a maximum value of $365 for each currency.

MoonX4 is listed on Mistswap Dex and in BenSwap Dex with a locked liquidity using the BENLOCK tool until 2025.

I don't know much about the project, I just know that the idea is innovative in a meme as the aim is that it always exceeds its own value, hitting more and more the same until reaching values ​​never seen in a token on SmartBCH and perhaps on the crypto market in general.

For those who had a $CATS token until November 22, 2021, they could receive the MMMM as an airdrop using the DApp platform and those who had the smart idea to invest in the currency while it was still at highly low prices have already had their investment returned and with increased interest!

Of course, whenever there are projects like MOONX4 it is necessary to exercise caution because of the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, but to use the old saying: 'nothing ventured, nothing gained', those who have the guts to invest have their money working for them.

Anyway, here are some data that will definitely help when you want to know more about MMMM and I advise you to bookmark them, and remember that this is a meme coin with the commitment of the community and a lot of hype at the same time it can even reach values ​​never seen before, here are some important data from the project:

Contract Address (CA):🌙🌙🌙🌙


Price analytics on MistSwap DEX:




The SmartBCH side-chain is still very young and a lot can still be done, such as creating innovative and sophisticated projects or even forks of those already existing in the Ethereum blockchain network can also run on the Smart Bitcoin Cash chain, but what really will count will be the support of the Bitcoin Cash community.


This is a different article without much technicality on it, I wrote in recognition that smartBCH can still be a very big thing in the crypto world and help Bitcoin Cash currency to be recognized as decentralized digital money as well as used in DeFi ecosystem.

MOONX4 caught my attention because it is a project aimed at happiness and fun but also many used their money to invest on it, what I can say is that in every investment made there's a bit of risk, so never borrow money to buy cryptocurrencies or even trade using loans because you could lose it or get filthy rich!

In any case, cheaplightning and his crew showed something unusual and audacious with the project creation and as the roadmap says 'never gonna give up' whether looking for opportunities to create a new income or even to an wealthy retirement! Maybe it will still work one day...

SmartBCH is big, and soon the world will know it.

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Written by   893
1 month ago
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I saw this one too! 😅😆

I wanna make my own token too. Like moan moan moan moan inspired by moon moon moon moon. Hahahha. So every time the price will go up you moan moan moan moan or hold your moan moan moan moan. And when the price go down, you also moan moan moan moan. Ahhahaha xD. ✌✌✌😆😆😆👀👀

Kidding 😆😆😆

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1 month ago

In SmartBCH everything is possible s good luck with your future project 😎

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1 month ago

Wow very informative article, even some of your words are not familiar to me I still read it until the end. Keep it up 💖

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1 month ago

Oh, thanks that is good! Thanks for passing by and have a great day

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