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RFND Investment: a video of all you need to know about staking tokens on FEX app

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The Refund token (RFND) will launch the stake app dubbed FEX, Fair exchange, on January 19th, 2021 and today Cryptovato1 the founder launched a video explaining the investors what is and what's needed to earn dividends using the application.

To note that the latest model of earnings in cashback for the holding tokens in wallets will end on Saturday January 9th, 2021 as long creditors have on their wallets 500,000 RFND. The FEX app need investors to hold 5M RFND minimum to continue earning dividends completely independent, the app is non-custodial and investors could choose to have rewards in Bitcoin Cash, ether or USDT.

Refund token RFND is a top ten SLP token, and different from other tokens have a model of rewards based in neutrality, fair profits, respect, eco friendly, Financial sustainability and innovation. The tokens can be stored and managed directly on, Zapit or electron cash and the stake function allow the investor to stay completely in charge of their assets.

Check all info about staking RFND tokens on the FEX App:

Remember that earnings will be paid out concerning the amount the investor stake on FEX, distributed by levels: newbie, starter, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

Buy RFND tokens on

Buy RFND tokens in CCTIP Bot:

Find more info about RFND investment:




Refund token RFND is an SLP token built on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, with low and fast transactions.

Happy new year to all Bitcoin Cash and Refundians Community all around the planet.

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I hold on memo, can u adj terms, enable me stake

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