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Putting my gains in BCH to invest in wood

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2 months ago

Disclaimer: don't get panic when the market is all red😤 have a plan to circumvent the situation, below i will show you how I make that happen and I hope anyone in the community can have similar plan...stay focused always.


Investing in wood

Wood continues to be a good investment and with the gains that I have had with Bitcoin Cash I take advantage whenever possible to obviously increase my crypto portfolio but also to ensure that I always have fiduciary money (which gives the advantage of maneuver, both in the purchase of BCH or everyday expenses) always available making satisfactory investments in this increasingly important industry. country has a lot of wood scattered throughout the national territory and also a lot of people investing in this negotiating asset, countries like China have gained vast tracts of land to harvest and obtain precious wood from there, which is then exported in the form of wood trunk to Chinese industries to turn into furniture and sell to the world.

Wood such as black wood, umbila, chamfuta and other types are soulfully valuable and appreciated worldwide, not to mention that the entire real estate industry needs wood to make its derivatives:

  • Doors, windows, beams, slats, joists, parquet floors, or better all types of material that need wood are essential for the real estate industry.

Investing in the wood using Bitcoin Cash

I don't use much other types of physical investment other than investing in wood logs and Bitcoin Cash, two of my favorite businesses. While Bitcoin Cash is virtual, the wood business isn't, and, guarantees a remarkable return in order to move my life.

For those who follow my articles know that I do not use a bank account and hate everything related to the centralized world, which makes us slaves to our own destiny and sincerely makes man more locked up and seeing the world in a reduced and boring way.

With the gains I have been making it has given me room to maneuver in order to be able to invest in this line of business which seems simple but it is not because wood is the property of the state and can only be exploited with the approval of the state itself and only it has the right to regularize, control and earn dividends or royalties with 'golden wood'.

But there is a solution for everything and using tricks it is possible to obtain a license for this exploitation by third parties, that is, as the government no longer issues licenses for the exploitation and with many people who have fallen out with their business, they rent their licenses out to business owners that invest in using them. They earn money and the exploiters also take advantage of their licenses.

In my first Bitcoin Cash conversion to invest in this business, it was to buy a set of furniture made in central Mozambique, more than 600 KM from the capital, where I live, and the trip can take up to more than a week . It is a martyrdom of the journey but it is worth the sacrifice for such business.

How profitable the wood business is

This is an interesting question because the wood differs a lot from its type versus value, that is, the better the wood, the better the price quoted in dollars.

This market, as I said, is a state monopoly, so they have a duty to set the price according to the international table of natural resources, but there is also many people who sell illegal wood and harm the price market in accordance with the state, but oddly enough, the profits still good.

First to say that it is practically impossible for individual entrepreneurs to transport wood logs from their area of ​​origin to the capital, the source of sale, without suffering reprisals from the agricultural controllers that are scattered throughout Mozambique, but it is possible to pass with its derivatives.

Derivatives I refer to doors, windows, frames, suitcases made of wood, dressers, and other furniture, which means that many small traders like me choose this business route, avoiding reprisals from the authorities and paying huge sums in debt. , and thus continuing to earn good profits from the investment.

The wood logs can be carried by big companies who have better licenses and pay royalties for the state.

Advantages of the wood business versus Bitcoin Cash

One thing I have already noticed with the wood business, is that it always has remarkable profits. The only inconvenience is that not every moment can be removed from the bush.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, also has its good market moments and achieves good trading values, causing its gains to be invested in the wood business whenever the market allows it.

But when there is an oscillation in the market both in the wood and in the crypto market the two businesses can help each other and complement my portfolio in one way or another:

  • When the wood goes up and Bitcoin Cash goes down (like what is happening at the moment), the wood buys more Bitcoin Cash and vice versa happens with Bitcoin Cash.

Always have an emergency plan

The cryptocurrency market will not always be a gainer or always be in a bull there is also a time when it will be in a bear, meaning that gains in the portfolio will be reduced but, when there is an emergency plan it will never seem like a problem as the investor will be prepared to buy more crypto (which is more profitable when insured) and will also keep from panicking.

The panic happens when people don't have a back up plan and all the money is invested in cryptocurrencies and don't have buying power in hand (fiat money or stablecoins) leading to despair and the liquidation of the portfolio in times of market downturn could be imminent.

I mentioned the wood business to me works, because my country makes it possible, but there are several other businesses that can be researched in each country (to which each one is a part) and implement using earnings from Bitcoin Cash and never sell the same in times of low bear and thus protect the portfolio.

...Final considerations

Bitcoin Cash isn't only a crypto it's Also a way to empower the Community members to contribute to their communities offering ways of business that could lead to employment on those societies. It also can guarantee that users always will have a buying power to increase their portfolio of crypto when the market goes down.

My wood business is just an example of many that could help members to stick at the community without needing to lose all their funds when the time is tight, it urgent to adopt Bitcoin Cash also have a backup plan to keep increasing the BCH bag when possible.

...have a plan and implement it, with Bitcoin Cash nothing is impossible😎.

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Written by   747
2 months ago
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