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Only one currency was made for payments and that is Bitcoin Cash

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1 month ago

A very incredible thing is the great confusion that exists between Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) mainly for people living in Africa (at least proven by me in Mozambique where I am from) and in areas where the decentralized world is still taboo.

A clear example for me who work with cryptocurrency consulting, mainly Bitcoin Cash (BCH), are the various calls and SMS I receive in this regard.


A young entrepreneur who constantly goes to Dubai once came to me for additional information on cryptocurrencies, way of payment that is gaining popularity among merchants in that part of Asia.

...the funny thing is that he really wanted to know about Bitcoin Cash (BCH) but as he is new to the matter he was unable to express his choice and fell into the mistake of asking for information about Bitcoin Core (BTC) which I provided without hesitation.

My surprise was that after some time he ended up buying a good amount of Bitcoin Core (BTC) to make payments at his suppliers in Dubai, thus reducing the business time between him and his partners. But, as he did not know the subject, he had to ask a man of his trust to do the same and wait for the suppliers' e-mail about the payment, which was made, but with the delay in the confirmations in the network the payment took days to be confirmed which led this young entrepreneur to think he had fallen into a certain type of scam.

He got scared

The young entrepreneur new in the matter was devastated and started to think that he had lost all his value in the transaction and immediately contacted the suppliers in Dubai, who guaranteed that the transaction was still in progress and after two confirmations they could process his material and after that they sent it to him.

But the young man was not satisfied with that information because for him Bitcoin Core (BTC) is an effective and very cheap quick payment system, of course when it comes to paying for value movements.

What to do

The mistrust in the transaction led the young entrepreneur to seek my consulting services again. He explained all the deception he was in and asked for clarification, since he was new in this world as he had already said in his first meeting with me but he will fail to specify the currency which would suit him better.

I explained to him the difference between Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the peer-to-peer electronic cash payment and after a long conversation he realized that his suppliers in Dubai had also advised to use Bitcoin Cash and not the other asset. But as he could not distinguish the difference between the two, he ended up making the mistake of asking for the Bitcoin Core (BTC) wallet from them to the detriment of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and with that he delayed his transaction confirmation days a lot and with that also almost he lost confidence in this type of decentralized payment.

There is only one Bitcoin, and this is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

In this whole scenario, one thing became clear to this young entrepreneur, the only decentralized digital money is only Bitcoin Cash (BCH) because it works even as the name says:

  • Digital money and has attractive properties such as speed of financial transactions, cheap in terms of fees, insurance and completely free of government control.

Of course, many people still have this kind of confusion, especially the newbies in the matter, who only enter because of the name BITCOIN and do not know for sure the real fundamentals. Only after realizing that it is not what they thought do they seek help for their real understanding and when they realize that the self-proclaimed 'master of all decentralized currencies really does not serve for payments.

No, it doesn't fit, the real Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and this can be used for daily payments in a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system, saving time and ensuring security in transactions between partners.

Bitcoin Cash is the currency of the world and serves for all types of payment, paying trifles for your movement, whether in multimillion dollar transactions or in such small ones. Voices come and go and everyone makes up that there is another currency that really works in the real world but no, only BCH can and should be adopted as a currency for worldwide use.

A lesson to be learned

There are a lot of people who are still going to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and this type of confusion will continue, it is necessary to make people understand that there are differences between these two decentralized assets, the currency that really works will always be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) because the world it is made up of the poor majority and cannot support expensive coins for their pockets.

The community has a lot but a lot to teach newbies and only in this way to make more and more people adopt and use the currency universally, so that the world will have its financial freedom ensured because every man has the right to choose where to put his money.

Let us all continue to spread awareness of Bitcoin Cash in our societies and in a few years time we will be proud to have pioneered it to help spread it across the planet ... Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin and the decentralized digital money that all world has a right to have.

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Written by   679
1 month ago
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Well Bitcoin BCH is a currency and it works as such but the people prefer to use fiat currencies and only people on which their fiat has inflated accept Bitcoin BCH as payment. If you hold Bitcoin BCH and you are a merchant you should accept Bitcoin as payments for everyone else I suggest another alternative give insurance. Let me explain it in my article

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1 month ago

People use often fiat and it's our duty to start making them accept Bitcoin Cash of course it will be a challenge to teach them about using BCH but with efforts and patience they will accept it soon or later 😎

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1 month ago

Bitcoincash is the best platform for me

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1 month ago

I have started to use BCH recently and it is really cool. Check my article:

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1 month ago

I would also suggest to you to read my article if you want people to accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment method.

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1 month ago