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Holding Bitcoin Cash in COVID-19 pandemic gave me a stimulus check that government failed to provide

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Written by   797
4 months ago

The world's hypocrisy is to think that the diseases in it are a justification for leaders to increase their economies to the detriment of their people, who, incidentally, are most in need in times of PANDEMIC where the majority of the active people saw their posts of undermined work as large companies closed because they would not be able to pay wages to employees who 'did not produce' because of the disease. Despite not being able to pay these salaries, they continued to have government support through the various social directions and 'blue bags' which are directed to companies in times of crisis, a form of support so that entrepreneurs do not leave the country and keep their tax incentives here.

The biggest absurdity in all this is that the people, the one who pays taxes and tax contributions to the government, were literally abandoned. The monetary incentive for them to 'stay at home' and not spread the virus never came and when it started to arrive it didn't go to anyone. There were people who had their names written before the aid fund even arrived who should receive it, who are they? Nobody knows, but they received and left the old people, widows and children without any help as they were sent to the bottom of the line, increasing the level of 'pandemic poverty' and leaving many people hungry during this period.

But why does this happen while the emergency money has been approved

I am no longer surprised, because living in societies like mine, I can already see how leaders really work, but the aggravating factor is that innocent people continue to die of hunger, not because of the disease, but starvation. The aid money because of the crisis, it went out and was approved, but it has not yet been effectively distributed because it had to be sent to the most remote areas of the country where the impact of the disease is more serious, if in the countryside the people were already dying because of not having anything to eat, with the pandemic everything became more serious.

The stimulus had been approved in May 2020 and had to wait a year to start its slow and ineffective distribution, that check should go to the most disadvantaged, orphaned children, old people, widows and young people with disabilities or those who prove they have been unemployed for more than 2 years old and has a family to support, but in practice this is not the case.

The people who are receiving the same are people who really have a source of income, live in peripheral areas and honestly have no proven needs, the old machining of culture in a country where corruption is instilled in everything, even in the money of the poor.

Meanwhile COVID-19 doesn't stop...

That's right, the disease, this 'doubtful' virus that raises many questions for those who really think, continues to haunt society although in smaller numbers of infection the pandemic does not die or rest. The curfew continues and so do the restrictions, although they are lifted little by little. These things together continue to put the active young people in a chaotic emergency situation as they have been out of their income for more than a year because the job that supported them have closed.

I am an apologist in relation to COVID-19 and I have my doubts about it, a lot because where it emerged and the first case was diagnosed is currently without alarming cases also it's curious that it was disseminated to areas where it was not expected seeing it progress as in many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America (killing a lot) and reminds me that in Africa for example we had a deadly virus, Ebola, but that for example was never globalized as COVID-19...but why that happened🤔, something to think about!

But continuing, with all this situation a lot is stopped and governments try in vain to advertise that everything will return to normal, but honestly I do not believe it. After the world felt 'the taste' for the money used in this pandemic, like the creation of vaccines (you are created in record time never seen before) the people will have to live with COVID-19 as they have been living with AIDS for some time, where even today there is no cure for only mitigating (retroviral) drugs that help its dissemination.

A new way of living

With COVID-19 a lot has changed and many industries have also gained a lot of market with it, alcohol and gel detergent companies, masks and other protective materials companies as well as normal life as well. Today the world lives under social distance where the interaction between man and man is no longer done in any way, but obeying the basic rules to contain the spread of the virus. These rules dominate the world and do not change anymore, no matter how miraculously they discover their cure, human interaction is already assimilating this new way of life.

...and that way of life is not cheap, because people have to have money to buy masks, alcohol and gel as well as other hygiene materials for their individual protection and these same people have no means to acquire them if they have no incentives for a time of crisis, so how is it possible for the pandemic to end?

Using Bitcoin Cash in times of pandemic

I don't think I'm privileged, I was only in the right place at the right time when the pandemic broke out in my country. I was already a content creator and with that I started accumulating a certain Bitcoin Cash that made it possible even with restrictions, lockdowns and other scenarios caused by the pandemic that affected my society, it did not hit me in a chaotic and evil way not leaving my family in need.

With Bitcoin Cash I was able to maintain a more or less favorable lifestyle for me and certain neighbors who also started to attend to my teachings about the currency and who has continued to do this until today can also enjoy the wonderful world of Bitcoin Cash. It may seem crazy, but it is not, Bitcoin Cash gave me that stimulus check that my government did not and assured me that regularly I received it and so no one inside and outside it had the benefits of belonging to such a strong community and undoubtedly generous to the point of not knowing how to help those who really need it.

A big difference from the Bitcoin Cash community and the rest, is that here real life stories are revealed and put into practice, the others just do and say things to enlarge your pockets by increasing the value of your belongings while we fight here to frame the currency to be used globally and help its adoption anywhere in the globe.

Final considerations

Times of pandemic crisis many people suffer in the world, this suffering often covered up by the competent authorities so that it is not thought that they are not working and do not receive the necessary help. This aid, when received, is not channeled to the needy and takes on shapes that no one knows for sure in a world where corruption prevails, everything suffers from it.

The world relay in societies 'where those who can be saved' and those who have the resources to do so.

Will this same society change? Or is it that the pandemic came to impoverish the disadvantaged more and to increase the pocket of those who already have ... questions that will hardly be answered, but just in case and for my own good I will continue to use Bitcoin Cash to pay for mine. recurring accounts and never and I say never, expecting the government to come to my aid after all if I chose the decentralized world is because I don't want to depend on anyone for a living.

But, the vast majority will still continue to suffer at the hand of the state...

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Written by   797
4 months ago
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I can say i'm one of the newbies in the cryptocurrency world, BCH being my first was due to a friend introducing me to about 3 months ago. But the little i got in this three month journey has been of help , just recently i was able to get a course material that i've been in need of for long.

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4 months ago

Helps a lot indeed. I'm also left jobless because of covid and maybe there will be something, but as long as Crypto supports us we have no problem. What is the fear now is inflation. Because of all the mismanagement of the situation by governments we may have a very big problem with our fiat currencies. Hold some BCH and other crypto on side just in case everything goes very bad.

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4 months ago