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Here's why Bitcoin Cash

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5 months ago

I believe in Bitcoin Cash and I know that many also believe in the currency, but for those who still have doubts there are several reasons that say that Bitcoin Cash is a game changer in the market and is still in its beginning of prospecting and will still give a lot to speak in the crypto sphere. It has basic fundamentals that are very important for its global adoption and ensures that financial freedom continues to thrive in a decentralized way.

But let's see why Bitcoin Cash is so important and what the benefits of the currency are:

  • Bitcoin Cash is simple

The simplicity of the coin ensures that anyone who knows how to send a simple message can use the coin without complications, it is very easy to handle

  • Bitcoin Cash is fast

Transactions made on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain are carried out in seconds and their confirmation in minutes.

  • Bitcoin Cash has low fees

One of the issues that will make Bitcoin Cash an inclusive currency and adopted worldwide is the low fees that make it possible for anyone to send and receive funds by paying cents of the dollar nationally or internationally.

  • Bitcoin Cash is reliable

Unlike many other networks, Bitcoin Cash by its design is very reliable and works to avoid blockchain congestion

  • Bitcoin Cash is stable

In addition to being a currency that guarantees its day-to-day use, it can also be used as a store of value, avoiding currency inflation and conserving value for prosperity.

  • Bitcoin Cash is safe

Bitcoin Cash has a very robust system and guarantees the security of use without the user having to worry about losing funds or double spend.

Benefits of using Bitcoin Cash

  1. Bitcoin Cash increases user privacy and also allows you to operate anonymously, offering more peace of mind than traditional monetary systems, such as bank transfers or even credit card payments because it is almost impossible to know who controls an address of Bitcoin Cash.

  1. Using Bitcoin Cash, the user can rest assured that no one can decide to close the account as banks do, or even block access to funds, as the user has total and sovereign control over their funds and they can be accessed from from any corner of the planet as long as you have access to the Internet.

  1. With the growing demand in the market, many merchants offer exclusive discounts when the customer decides to pay with Bitcoin Cash because BCH eliminates credit card fees and also helps Bitcoin Cash to be widely adopted in the world as an effective payment system.

  1. With Bitcoin Cash, you can send money to anyone, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, just like the Internet itself, no transaction is too big or too small, and you never need permission or nobody's approval.

Bitcoin Cash is a fast decentralized global payments currency using only pennies to move funds and its design ensures that the majority of the world can use it without fear of paying more than it could, it was created with the intention of hosting everyone without exception and day after day the currency is gaining weight in society, people are already becoming aware of the importance of it and more or less time the currency will hold its deserved space in the market.

Bitcoin Cash is not just a product but a way of life, created by the people and for the people.

Let's use Bitcoin Cash.

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Written by   789
5 months ago
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Hello Sir! I'm new here and your article taught me a lot about BCH. Thank you so much!

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5 months ago

Well, BCH has also a great community and doing their best to promote it for mass adoption.

I think we already met on

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5 months ago

Yes i believe we have met on Den, i am not already that busy there but it's a promissory platform

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5 months ago

Well, I posted that I'm a fan of BCH but they downvoted it🙅‍♂

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5 months ago