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Here's what Bitcoin Cash need to evolute in Africa.

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7 months ago

Cryptocurrency is the future of money in the world and assets that could secure space to evolute worldwide will be much appreciated and the ones that could fulfill certain demands such as fast in confirmation, acceptance, daily and widely used will surely become the mainstream on the market!

Bitcoin (BTC) still widely used in ever corner of the Globe and In Africa in Particular, what's not being registered is that in Africa there's no much knowledge about other kind of Crypto than BTC, opening a whole new window to other cryptocurrency to develop and secure they desired space on the continent! Bitcoin Cash can be used and adopted in Africa if there's a roadmap to cover the continent, and with that move secure a whole new market to BCH.

Bitcoin cash (BCH) can have great participation in adoption of cryptocurrency in the African continent with concrete plans to make it happen, I believe that there are great master minds on the Bitcoin cash Community that can deploy a wonderful strategy to increase BCH adoption. I also knows that won't be a easy call as in Africa, particular where I live people still knows only Bitcoin and for now, with a small space to more Crypto to evolute.

Africa needs Bitcoin cash as a peer-to-peer cash payments and an asset to hodl as it have similarities with e-wallets that are mostly spreaded in the continent, and with a clearly knowledge that young people prefer to hodl their money BCH can benefit from it, with their system of fast transactions and confirmation on Blockchain there is a lot to digest!

We just need some of people on BCH community that are willing to accept the challenge and Invest in BCH in Africa.

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Africa is still yet to legalise the use of crypto currencies for transactions but am sure with time it will become very useful. Nice post dear. Keep it up

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7 months ago

This is amazing yeah bch need to reach everyone I prefer that also.

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7 months ago

Africa need BCH and Bitcoin cash also need more enthusiasts to the community its a win win situation what now needing it's a conclusive plan!

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7 months ago