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Earn, sPend and RepLace Bitcoin CASH

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5 months ago

Bitcoin Cash is a currency and when it is used to purchase goods and services without having to exchange in fiat currency we are promoting adoption and giving value to the blockchain economy. The exercise of earning, spending and replacing Bitcoin Cash is very important for the entire ecosystem behind the currency, and also gives the user a sense of value for the currency.

In a recent past I practically didn't use Bitcoin Cash, I only had it in my wallet and it didn't add value to the blockchain network in my locality, I had no sense of use or value of the same currency after all I only kept Bitcoin Cash saved but I didn't use it the same. When I started using Bitcoin Cash to pay my daily bills, that is, paying for goods and services I started to have more discipline to earn, spend and replace Bitcoin Cash again. It is important to maintain this exercise for the sake of adopting and using the network without having to exchange with fiat currency, if we can use Bitcoin Cash directly to purchase for example a cup of coffee, buy a soda or even basic groceries looking for currency will be even more motivating.

Where to earn Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash community is one of the strongest in the crypto zone, where by willingness and desire to see it grow investors like Marc De Mesel aka @MarcDeMesel have created ways to distribute Bitcoin Cash by contributing (sponsoring using their own pocket money) on platforms where anyone that really participate earn a decent amount of Bitcoin Cash, MAKE NO MISTAKE, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to be able to make a few bucks in Bitcoin Cash you need to know that FREE MONEY DOESN'T EXIST, only the deserved for the work done. So we have read.cash_, a blogging platform that uses an artificial intelligence robot to tip Bitcoin Cash to content creators active on the website.

The website is also a great source of Bitcoin Cash production for digital content creators, it works more like Twitter but with the big difference of not being highly censored, creators also have more space to write and also receive "free tips", these are assigned obeying some parameters required by the platform. It is a much safer source of results for the Bitcoin Cash community as these little tips move the Bitcoin Cash blockchain a lot, create a number of positive transactions and most importantly make Bitcoin Cash much better known.

In addition to these two we have several ways to raise Bitcoin Cash and be able to use it on a day-to-day basis:


  • Memocash

  • MemberCash

  • Chaintip (both on Reddit, Twitter and other platforms) is a robot to use to tip when users feel that the content being played brings value to the Bitcoin Cash world

So there are several ways to get Bitcoin Cash and be able to use it on a daily basis, but there is also the quickest way which is to buy from brokerages by paying via credit card or traditional banking means like Wire transfer.

Where to spend Bitcoin Cash

One of the ways of adopting Bitcoin Cash is to be able to spend the same, only then will it matter to the user, after all even fiat money is only necessary because it gives the user the purchasing power. Bitcoin Cash can also be used on a day-to-day basis to purchase goods and services, there are many places in the world where Bitcoin Cash can be spent, either to buy small things needed or to pay for consumer goods, but depending on the location of the user. The demand is growing in the world for the use of Bitcoin Cash, for example in Australia it could be used to buy a lot at Bitcoin Cash CITY, in Thailand (a tourist paradise) or in Venezuela and Japan the use of Bitcoin Cash is also great.

There are also places in Africa, North America, Asia, Asia where we can spend the currency. I use the same for my daily bill payments, buy refills (alfatop) and much more using the currency.

How to replace Bitcoin Cash

There are several ways to replace Bitcoin Cash whenever possible, we can use platforms like to exchange fiat money for Bitcoin Cash, there is also direct exchange with someone who has Bitcoin Cash in their wallets for Fiat, in this case the presence of the negotiating parties is necessary. This way, it works a lot for example in countries or localities where the crypto presence does not yet have much weight, I know this because it is the one that I use more also as

The use of brokers to replace fiat money in Bitcoin Cash is the most practical and also safe (as well as and is the most used in the world.


The exercise of earning, spending and replacing Bitcoin Cash is important for the growth of the network and gives a sense of value and ensures that Bitcoin Cash is increasingly in demand as it can be used anywhere on the planet by paying extremely low fees and very fast and secure transactions.

Never be afraid to earn, spend and replace Bitcoin Cash by doing this we are contributing to the development of the entire ecosystem behind Bitcoin Cash.

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Written by   792
5 months ago
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