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Devs Fund: Don't force it...just donate voluntarily!

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1 year ago

It's quite notable that the last weeks in the BCH Forums members are just expressing their feelings about the devs fund, and after being out without publishing, I have my personal opinion about it!

I believe in a solid BCH community foundation pillars, and to be honest building something with "coerscive" power won't benefit this fund. It's needed some ponderable manners to do that, and also note that, there are people from BCH Community that since the Ecosystem is live, they are out there making periodically donations.

It's a Ecosystem that will benefit all the community, and I believe that, to Roger Ver Firm withdraws from the Fund, they heard plausible justification about and then, make their step out!

The Fund must be democratic and let the donors make it with they knowledge in benefiting the BCH ecosystem.

Just a periodically donation plan, will help the devs fund and adoption of BCH as peer-to-peer cash, and give it the hability to expand more.

I believe in the devs fund but I voluntarily donations, history tells that forces or coerscive power, will only get people to start looking for other projects, where they feel more comfortable.

I also believe that this Topic is taking much longer than expected, and we (BCH) community, at least in my particular case, wanna see more adoption of the BCH asset in the world, particularly in Africa.

Don't force it...let's donate it voluntarily!

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Written by   861
1 year ago
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