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Bitcoin Cash, the smart money for the people

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In the past, it was necessary that we all had a bank account to be able to move money and also be able to use it their banking or instruments means (credit cards, debit cards, etc.) and thus feed banks and financial institutions. On the other hand, customers of these traditional banking'cartel' continued with limitations and absurd payments to have their money saved, moved or even to make mere daily payments.

Not only, these means are of a private nature, meaning that the customer does not own anything that is in the bank as access can be withdrawn at any time or even barred from using their services. Nobody has anything in the bank the money belongs to the bank/state the customer only has numbers to be managed by the institution and this is easily noticed when the bank customer wants to withdraw the money he has to undergo bureaucracy and ends up taking a long time for it to be released.

That is, the money can be deposited without any document, but to withdraw it from the bank, the customer goes through a 'hell' until the amount is taken out of the bank's hands, costing the customer time and patience, which no longer happens when using the Bitcoin Cash!

Using Bitcoin Cash to Create a Better Economy

Banks are private financial institutions often with the participation of the state as a partner with the right to speak in the council of administration, they are bodies that work with their own agenda and at any time can deny, withdraw, block access to whoever they want to. Customers can often have headaches when wanting to make online payments [as banks can deny customers from making this type of payment especially when they want to interact with the world of cryptocurrencies].

Their centralized system works for their purposes and they are never concerned with the customer, the same happens with the state which is only concerned with people paying taxes and not with the welfare of the citizen. Now the decentralized nature of Bitcoin Cash works for the people, and without seeming this scenario worries these institutions!

That's why they often block the purchase of cryptocurrencies using their banking instruments, limiting the customer who can have more means of personal savings, they do this because they want the customer to remain a 'slave' of their financial system. Other banks may even accept that the customer buys decentralized assets or even offer custody to them, but these assets in their possession do not belong to the customer after all if they are not decentralized and controlled by him using his own seed phrase he does not have access to its assets;

...after all, if you don't have the seed phrase these cryptocurrencies are not yours-not your seed not your crypto.

Using Bitcoin Cash, anyone can access its value and control it using their seed phrases, making it possible to monitor all the savings in real time, can use anytime, send cash in real-time to family and friends, send anywhere in the world at extremely low fees (both domestic and international) without interruption 365 days a year. With Bitcoin Cash the user can have a better decentralized economy as they do not need to ask third parties for authorization to move or make payments, cannot be restricted or blocked as the network is decentralized giving greater security and can be verified as well as having access from any corner of the world.


Not only, I am not particularly a big fan of banks and I live longer using Bitcoin Cash to make both physical and online payments, I have an efficient payment network (with friends and merchants) who accept the decentralized currency and they use Bitcoin Cash to make purchases abroad or use to better conserve their money, invest in products that can earn money for them, etc.

All this to say that banks are slowly losing their space in the futuristic layer, of course there is still a long way to go because they still have a lot of weight in the financial market. But for those who believe in Bitcoin Cash, they certainly prefer to have value in the 'Satoshian currency' than entrust their personal finances to banks that make the customer a source of income and when they no longer need him, they simply restrict the use of their banking means or even deny them to create accounts claiming reasons people can't understand.

Bitcoin Cash is after all decentralized financial freedom, the money you, me and others need to get out of the domain of the state and financial institutions focused on 'profit' and using the customer as a product (and when they don't need to, discard), Bitcoin Cash is Smart money created for the people to become emancipated and have a promising future using the currency.

Bitcoin Cash is the 'Satoshi dream' and the money for the humanity.

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Written by   861
1 month ago
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Never stop spreading the message brother

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Always! This is the way to take more people get known about BCH 😎, and thanks for the tip

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