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Bitcoin Cash means freedom, dynamism and security

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5 months ago

While some people bet on gold, which they use once every six months or more, others like me use Bitcoin Cash daily to pay for things that really matter in human daily life. is more than clear that the importance of Bitcoin Cash is much more attractive than many other decentralized currencies, after all it is decentralized digital money!

In the past, many people collected digital gold, we know very well which one, but when using it they faced serious difficulties. These complications related to the use of that same payment method were due to fees and possible delays in confirming the transaction.

PEOPLE daily use means that are easy to handle and that cost less than fiat money, which makes adoption occur en masse as less money is spent on transactions, increasing personal finances more, and this simplicity increases people's interest more and more .

Bitcoin Cash is simple

The simplicity of Bitcoin Cash is extremely valuable and increases the interest of the young public, who are increasingly confident that the future of the world depends on decentralized means of payment where they can save more of their money.

To use Bitcoin Cash you just need to know how to send a message and voila, you can interact with the Bitcoin Cash network. Not only that...

Bitcoin Cash was designed to be decentralized digital money issued in a decentralized way, quickly, cheaply and completely secure.

Bitcoin cash is freedom

In the past people had to compulsorily use conventional means to save money, and many of these means such as banks are regulated and controlled by the state. This state domain over these institutions requires that the citizen, when he saves money with them, has to pay taxes on the value saved, that is, if he puts an amount x in the bank, it is no longer at the time of withdrawal.

Man is forcibly ordered to pay taxes on his own money enriching the banks and dividing his money with the state making him slave of the situation after all he has no choice.

Well, until now there wasn't, because using Bitcoin Cash this same individual can keep his money in a decentralized way and not pay taxes on the value saved and when he wants to withdraw he can pay extremely lower fees.

Therefore, Bitcoin Cash returns the individual's freedom of choice!

Bitcoin Cash Means Future

The future is bright for those who choose to adopt Bitcoin Cash and store their finances. The currency has a bright future and will certainly play a leading role in the global payment system, after all, everyone wants something simple, functional, highly secure and most importantly, completely decentralized.

The future of money will undergo metamorphosis and currencies that work on both the physical level (payment of goods and consumption) and the virtual level (payment of consumables on the internet) will prevail and be highly embraced. After all, they serve the purpose of human beings and help in daily living.

Fiat money is in free fall and the uncertainty of the global economy will influence the search for alternative ways for man to continue his journey in the world and for sure Bitcoin Cash will have something to say in this regard, it works on a planetary level and with the fundamentals behind (dynamic rates, network security and fast transactions) the future of this currency is very good.

Bitcoin Cash is Nakamoto's Dream

Bitcoin Cash is the peer-to-peer electronic cash payment created and developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the father of Bitcoin, who engendered humanity's money where he based his 'son' as a system based on cryptography and not trust. Here the parties involved in the transaction ensured that it was forever registered on the blockchain and no one could change that same registration.

Bitcoin Cash was created with the purpose of giving back the individual the right to choose and ensuring that he was his own bank, where he was master of his own destiny.

The system created by Nakamoto had to be simple, cheap (for greater adherence of people), fast for confirmations (so as not to create panic during transactions between the parties involved) and secure (to ensure that the encryption is not broken).

If the internet is a revolution in the technological world, Bitcoin Cash is a revolution in the decentralized payment system created by NAKAMOTO.

To complete...

Bitcoin Cash is all of the above and more. It's the dream of many families, it's decentralized digital money for the world, a revolutionary payment system accepted by people and merchants in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Antarctica and more.

Using Bitcoin Cash is the same as rediscovering the freedom of payments, whereas before the individual had to be content with traditional means, today there is no need to wait for these same systems because Bitcoin Cash solves this

With Bitcoin Cash, individuals can receive, use or even keep their money at any time of day, 24 hours a week, anywhere in the world.

Nobody needs a KYC to use Bitcoin Cash because it isn't under government control and its issuance does not comply with criteria defined by any financial institution.

Bitcoin Cash is the future of decentralized digital money, it's the smart money humanity needs. Use and replace Bitcoin Cash and never run out of it.

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Written by   872
5 months ago
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In old days, Gold was used as hodl and sold after many months and even after years. Yeah! BCH has daiky utilization and help us a lot. BCH has bright future as decentralized Crypto. It gives us the feeling of money with our own bank.

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3 months ago

And that's all the things I love when it comes to BitcoinCash

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5 months ago

BCH is the future of digital cash and the ones stepping in will be the winners

$ 0.00
5 months ago

True! I'm glad I'm in the platform and get to know BCH

$ 0.00
5 months ago

You really hit the nail on the head brother, ever since i came about BitcoinCash, I feel some kind of freedom in me, and some kind of security, in terms of if it rise, it rises fastest, if there is dip, there's an assurance its going to soar higher again. And the fastest transaction network is topnotch

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5 months ago

That's it😎 Bitcoin Cash... Glad to have you here🙏

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5 months ago