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BCH Is On The Move And People Are Noticing It

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2 months ago

At the end of the year 2020 and beginning of 2021 two proponents in the Bitcoin Cash community were convinced that the currency would appreciate a lot, one predicted that it would reach three thousand dollars per unit while the other was more audacious and closed its forecast at ten thousand per unit of Bitcoin Cash.

Make no mistake, these two elements are not just anybody and they know very well what they say differently from several other people who spout words as a way to draw attention to unreliable investments. Their good name and passion for Bitcoin Cash goes beyond human comprehension, but everyone has a common sense to believe that the world needs Bitcoin Cash because it is the real Bitcoin and beyond, it is a true peer-to-peer electronic system cash payment.

KimDotCom predicted $3K or more per BCH unit and that was too conservative, he knows that it will even break more than that🤑
Marc was too audacious to bet in $10k plus and that will certain be reached🤑

The world needs a fully secure decentralized currency, with low rates and very fast transactions. Its adoption on the planet is much easier when users can really have something to use constantly without having to fear paying more than they have, be accepted by merchants worldwide and most importantly, that the user be in full control about your wallet. This control is very beneficial for the world because the user feels that he is the master of his destiny and can use his savings in the right way without suffering reprisals and having to pay large sums only in fees to move his money.

Bitcoin Cash is needed in the world just as fiat money is, with one advantage it is fully decentralized and is not influenced by the government and cannot be censored.

Today we see Bitcoin Cash gaining value in banking but anyone who has been here for a long time knows that this is not new and it is inevitable that it will happen after all we all need digital and fully secure Cash, the world today sees this, but this is only the initial phase because it is still in the embryonic phase of adaptation in the world and yet it already wins several hearts for its fundamentals: fast, safe and low transactional cost.

The notoriety of Bitcoin Cash


The world is full of cheap hypocrisy where people follow others just as a way of also wanting to participate, many generally do not conduct research, hence a greater number of scams on the internet, prefer to invest blindly in unorthodox businesses and follow the crowd. Many miss out on really good opportunities to grow their money and also use it.

Bitcoin Cash has been on the market since 2017 but many people have always tried to undermine its development because they know that BCH is the currency that the world really needs, it is a threat to many who believe in their parent (BTC) but because of its properties that are appreciated by a lot of people, whether in the first world or in the outsourced world (where it has more usability and is a very helpful currency) its adoption is imminent and many investors are watching it.

...of course there are many people still hiding waiting to see how the market behaves but in the end they will surrender to Bitcoin Cash and embrace it. The market does not lie and shows what people really want: a currency that can actually be used in real life and paying absurdly low fees.

Bitcoin Cash merchants worldwide😋

Every day with more strength, the Bitcoin Cash community spreads the good news to anyone who wants to listen, companies and individuals are invited to join the currency, more merchants are accepting in all corners of the world. The connections made by the community are reaching places never before imagined for Bitcoin Cash and this trend will continue to grow in the near future.

Why notoriety


It is more than clear that Bitcoin Cash is a means of payment for the world, but in addition it can also be used for savings, save money on peer-to-peer transactions and having peace of mind with security and speed transactions.

People like simple, fast and inexpensive systems as these are essential for their acceptance and adoption in a world where most people live below $5 it is much more practical to have values ​​in Bitcoin Cash than in Fiat and still have a certain profit with the climb of valuing the same all this without the 'big nose' of the state and banks 'exploiting' the money of others.

Not forgetting that the world needs smart money that rolls on the internet and can pay for anything the user needs to pay bills, buy a plane ticket, refills or even a simple soda paying less than even the monetary agencies charge and save money from it.

And this is just the beginning

Of course, Bitcoin Cash still has a lot to offer the world as a small part of the world is not really using cryptocurrencies yet, but with the growth of the industry they will obviously want something completely friendly for both the pocket and its simple handling, and for whoever can send a message may well use Bitcoin Cash without any problems.

As the market grows, the trend of adopting Bitcoin Cash will be greater as the world lives on Cash for transactions.

Final considerations

It is certain that there are still skeptics about Bitcoin Cash, but these do not concern me as the community does not guide them, much less the development behind BCH, but one thing is certain: Bitcoin Cash will continue to thrive and be envious on many other projects that are purely speculative and that are influenced by one or two people to appreciate themselves but that in the end have no meaningful use.

People need Bitcoin Cash as it has practical use in man's life, it can be used in real life to pay for items that really matter. Nobody wants to use currencies that have no use but those that can and should be used in everyday life. Anyone who lets the train pass clearly will regret it in the near future.

People are noticing Bitcoin Cash and that feeling will only increase...

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Written by   747
2 months ago
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Very enlightening post. It will be helpful when I share the value of BCH and its adoption to move towards currency freedom.

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2 months ago

Thanks for passing by 🙏 you r support is highly appreciated

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2 months ago

BCH today on the sky 🥰🥰

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2 months ago

Today and I believe forever👌 BCH isn't just a regular coin but one that people in fact need so the adoption will be imminent and the world will see this happening soon than expected

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